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  • The foothills were below them now.
  • We were in the foothills of the rough Raton Mountains.
  • An abundant bird among the foothills and on plains throughout its range.
  • As they wandered among the foothills near the mountains the snow began to fly.
  • In the foothills and mountains, bark slabs and tree limbs were utilized.
  • The Indians of the Sierra foothills have a curious use for the bulb.
  • It was up in the foothills of those mountains that Red Deer Lodge was located.
  • It goes up through the foothills of the east mountain and isn't easy walking.
  • The camp was in the center of a broken line of foothills on the desert's edge.

How To Use Foothills In A Sentence?

  • The light was waning by the time the commencement of the foothills was reached.
  • The cattle must be moved down the mountains to the foothills where each year they wintered.
  • Their course lay through the wooded foothills which lie between the shore and the barren desert.
  • As the night drew on the plain grew rougher: then it began to rise to the foothills and mountains.
  • It was even singularly clear, and the foothills of the Rockies were just visible.
  • The gold in the west grew deeper, the shadows in the foothills darker, as the moments sped.
  • The sun sets early in this narrow trough through the foothills of the Laurel range.
  • Perhaps these were the foothills of the Himalaya and from the top were seen the towers of Babylon.
  • On the western coast of South America the incoming waves broke among the foothills of the Andes.
  • The three sat on a cottage veranda in the foothills of Southern California, one February day.
  • Between the south village and the foothills of the Karakol Dagh lie the Anafarta Hills.
  • It was so huge that it was hard to realize that the jumbled foothills around it were themselves respectably lofty mountains.
  • While the wall itself is not high, it seems to cling near to the sides of the foothills and the mountains.
  • It was just very pretty country, where the mountains sent the baby foothills to play and sun themselves.
  • Soon the city was left behind, and then began a journey along the foothills which seemed to have no end.
  • In winter that can be crossed anywhere, but no sane persons would trust themselves in the foothills at that time of year.
  • To the right it emerged from a draw in the foothills where green reaches of forest rose tier after tier toward the purple mountains.
  • Its course is approximately parallel with the mountain ridge, passing under two low foothills or spurs separated by a ravine.
  • I knocked at a miner's lonely log cabin in the foothills of the Sierras just at nightfall.
  • The coast was all under deep water, and also the foothills and lower ranges, but some of the peaks could be made out far inland.
  • Crossing the valley, they were soon penetrating among the foothills at the base of the great uplifts, the tops of which bore eternal snow.
  • At a scrap of a station, in the foothills of ascending heights the tramp and the Troopers separately detrained.
  • Where the land gradually rises towards the maze-like foothills before the mighty crags of the Rockies themselves be reached.
  • After trekking through the undulating foothills our course led across a dead level sparsely timbered and densely covered with thick, wiry grass.
  • A swift-running mountain river separated pyramid mountain and the city of Theni from the foothills of the distant range.
  • Nest after nest Dicksie had the mortification of seeing deserted at critical moments and left to furred prowlers of the foothills and canyons.
  • Five miles out in the foothills they came upon the horses wandering placidly back to the valley, but Folsom kept on.
  • Concealment was impossible, unless indeed he turned far eastward toward Attica and took refuge on the foothills of the mountains.
  • The screen, monitored from a camera on the flyer, showed the foothills of the southern mountains over which Mara was flying.
  • Roads keep mounting and curving to avoid heavy grades, and foothills do not hide the Alps and the Mediterranean.
  • Thus in the north-east the coast is generally of no great elevation, but the foothills of the Cheviot and Pennine systems approach it closely.

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plural of foothill
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