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  • But my weapons, save my light smoothbore, were unfit for African game.

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  • The work is too severe for African thews, and experience has shown it a bad economy to overtask the slave.
  • Their aptitude for African conquest and their joy in African colonization are the heritage of their native land.
  • He knew them for African brigantines, and though he made all sail, it was impossible to run into a French port, as on, on they came, not entirely depending on the wind, but, like steamers, impelled by unseen powers within them.
  • He thought they looked most wicked, and hastily took a note of them for "African Frailty."
  • For the rifle for larger game, I would point out, with due deference to old sportsmen, of course, that the best guns for African game are the English Lancaster and Reilly rifles; and for a fighting weapon, I maintain that the best yet invented is the American Winchester repeating rifle, or the "sixteen, shooter" as it is called, supplied with the London Eley's ammunition.
  • It was President Roberts of Monrovia, attended by his secretary and chief minister; for they came cordially to return thanks to one who had helped a little in slave emancipation, under the influences of Elliott Cresson, Dr. Hodgkin Garrison, and others,--and, moreover, had given a gold medal for African literature, biennially to be competed for by emancipated slaves;--whereof
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