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  • More time for analysis was needed.
  • For analysis weigh out 5 grms.
  • Scheme for analysis of explosives, 213.
  • The story of Eden itself I took up for analysis.
  • That way we'll both have a complete record for analysis.
  • He was perfectly honest about it, but he had very little talent for analysis.
  • I submitted a portion of the royal jelly for analysis, to Dr. Charles M.
  • See page 109 for analysis]

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  • Since these could not be assigned to a specific month, they were not saved for analysis.
  • A fraction of our food stores aboard the rocket had been taken, probably for analysis.
  • She was shaken by its suddenness and by a dread she could not explain: it was no time for analysis of feelings.
  • Samples of doubtful specimens may be sent to the laboratories for analysis, but the bulk of the chemical should not be used.
  • From different parts of this mixture a large sample was taken, from which the chemist took his samples for analysis.
  • The latter were handed to a chemist for analysis, and the documents were retained by the police, and opened.
  • But vague meanings are too gelatinous to offer matter for analysis, and too pulpy to afford support to other beliefs.
  • Much effort was expended in obtaining and dating scars for analysis, and the interesting results mentioned above were the reward.
  • The class life stands for analysis and special development and establishment; personal life for synthesis and vitality.
  • But analysis for analysis' sake can have few real, though it may have some pretended, devotees.
  • We shall give here a brief description of the most necessary apparatus used for analysis in the dry way, and of their use.
  • It would therefore seem most practical to choose for analysis several short dreams of which each one can at least reveal or confirm something.
  • The whole should be slightly broken in a mortar, and bright crystalline portions taken for analysis, using a stoppered weighing bottle.
  • In the case of a household or unmilled toilet soap, it is imperative that the quantities for analysis should all be weighed out as quickly after each other as possible.
  • One certainly gains the impression from a perusal of the extensive literature of opinion that to most persons the term is quite unanalyzed, and that it calls for analysis.
  • See for analysis of occupations of immigrants, "Report of U. S. Ind. Commission," Vol.
  • The scientists departed, to have a quick dinner and then resume work at a different location where a computer was available to do the complicated mathematics required for analysis of the data.
  • As the means for analysis and comparison accumulate, resemblances now hidden will be brought to light, and relationships hitherto unsuspected will be shown to exist.
  • All of these requirements may call for analysis of the relative positions to be utilized, with reference to the selected physical objectives, and of the requirements for adequate freedom of action.
  • As usual my botany was in my handbag; and the temptation to make a quick dash from the train, to try to secure one specimen for analysis, was almost irresistible.
  • Another object was, to bring down specimens of air from different altitudes, for analysis; to try the effect of the actinometer at great elevations; and to note the hygrometric condition.
  • In the case of the "pure-for-analysis" sulphide, which is the recrystallized variety, the salt will be pure white and will form a quite colorless and clear solution in water.
  • As regards the Continent of Africa, by this comparison all its synonymes of the class selected for analysis have, with a few trifling exceptions, been exhausted.
  • Indeed, if there is neither time nor opportunity for analysis, it may seem better to accept any antecedent as a cause (or, at least, as a sign) of an important event than to go without any guide.
  • Not liking the smell of it, I sent it to an apothecary's for analysis, when it was found to contain poison.
  • Mr. Henry James has done it by adopting the point of view of the outer world, and by turning the genteel American tradition, as he turns everything else, into a subject-matter for analysis.
  • Weigh out 0.15 gramme of the dried precipitate; rub up in a mortar with 5 c.c. of methylic alcohol (Merck's puriss, for analysis).
  • The results were not in accordance with those obtained in the laboratory and it was found that the samples of bleach solutions received for analysis were far below the strength calculated from the amount of dry bleach used.
  • It is the justification for analysis to approach the ultimate as nearly as possible, that the smaller and more difficult of measurement the division is, the more often it will appear in various combinations of elements.
  • In conclusion, I may add that the Hundredth Psalm was chosen for analysis without a previous knowledge that it would present a greater excess of consonants (letters or sounds) in English than in Welsh.
  • Soap very rapidly loses its moisture on the surface, while the interior of the bar or cake may be comparatively moist, and the best way is to carefully remove the outer edges and take the portions for analysis from the centre.
  • It required 12,000 of the mollusks to supply the little material needed for analysis, but once the chemist had identified it he did not need to bother the Murex further, for he could make it by the ton if he had wanted to.
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