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  • Wundt has had for decades the prestige of a most advantageous academic chair.
  • The way had been blazed for decades before he appeared upon the scene.
  • They had been systematically chewed, eaten and destroyed for decades.
  • I have known it for decades, almost, where you have known it for years.
  • At a glance I knew that dog on which my eyes had not fallen for decades.
  • The fate of Europe was shaped on that day for decades, if not for centuries.
  • For decades past Central America has been an unknown land to the United States.
  • Over and over, for decades--and always they found the same thing.

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  • Grifters, conning people out of money over the phone, have been around for decades.
  • For decades after she had gone, she left the impress of her remarkable personality upon the store.
  • The bourgeoisie, which for decades had exalted and eulogized tyrannicide, now was filled with terrible rage.
  • The aim is also to ensure respect for the volunteers, who can be confident their work will be used not just for decades but for centuries.
  • For decades before the Civil War the experiences of fugitive slaves were used as a part of the anti-slavery argument.
  • For decades it had been a topic of gossip and speculation until the Howe and Webster obstinacy had become a byword, almost an adage.
  • Over thousands of acres today in the West men and women are still fighting to control that last frontier, and wherever there are farmers, the methods of cooperation will spread for decades.
  • Whereas, however, the wickedness of nonconformity had been attacked for decades, the Duke of Marlborough had been associated with the Whigs for a relatively short time.
  • He has been dead for decades, and is anchored in the old Hill graveyard, where he sleeps the quiet sleep of the righteous; and the name and virtues of Elvira, his beloved wife, are amply recorded on his tombstone.
  • The childish notion that a sudden exhibition of pacific intentions and goodwill is enough to foil the carefully laid schemes of a clever enemy which have been maturing for decades, is the refrain that runs through the history of our foreign policy for the last thirty or forty years.
  • The long and loyal service of dear Agnes Alexander, who so faithfully carried out the beloved Master's wishes and served the spiritual interests of Japan for decades, has been richly crowned.
  • Masses which have for decades been neglected and held in subjection and contempt by an unrelenting class-distinction system heavily charged with arrant snobbishness can not be churned, by the turning of a crank, into a community of enlightened, high-minded or able-bodied patriots and war-makers.
  • Yet meanwhile, for decades, the proletariat of France, Germany, and the other most important countries has been struggling and developing, making the widest possible use of the institutions of democracy, and building up on that basis powerful political organizations.
  • For decades, nineteenth-century France communicated via the "visual telegraph," a nation-spanning, government-owned semaphore system of huge stone towers that signalled from hilltops, across vast distances, with big windmill-like arms.
  • It was a fan-site, displaying a collection of animated 3-D meshes of various elements of the Mansion, part of a giant collaborative project that had been ongoing for decades, to build an accurate 3-D walkthrough of every inch of the Park.
  • Saint Peter's Parish was set like a holy beacon in the very midst of a valley which was tainted with heresies Arian and unspeakable, tainted so thoroughly that the ritualistic development of Saint Peter's was delayed for decades upon that account.
  • Sun Yat-sen indignantly repudiated any idea that the Republic derived from a formal authorization extended by the hated Manchus--the Republic for which he and his revolutionists had struggled for decades.
  • Without the troops the Nationalists would never have come to power; but without the supporting sweep of mass propaganda the Nationalist movement might have gone on for decades in the form of civilian conspirators fighting against overwhelming odds or else seeking to make venal mercenaries the prime instrument for the regeneration of Chinese civilization.
  • She still hoped that some day he would grow weary of pursuing the blue will-o'-the-wisps of fleeting sham loves; he would at last long to escape from the marsh into which for decades these capricious, alluring, fleeting flames had deluded him, and would then unresistingly allow himself to be led by her hand to the firm ground of a tried affection, in order, even though not until the evening twilight of his days, to rest with her, at last her own Robert, whom she need share with no one.
  • It was during one of these great storms that I rode in one of the last covered wagons, one of the few tangible links between the pioneers of the past and the pioneers of the present--and a poignant, graphic reminder that men and women had endured storm and discomfort and disaster for decades as we were enduring them now, and as people would continue to endure them as long as the land remained to be conquered.
  • In Budapest, for decades, from 1893 until after World War I, there was a government-run information service called "Telefon Hirmondo-."
  • For decades now, this charming old Negro has been held up to the children of the South as the perfect expression of the beauty of life in the glorious times "befo' de wah," when every Southern gentleman was suckled at the bosom of a "black mammy."
  • The Commission, which is to have its permanent headquarters outside Germany, will possess in Germany incomparably greater rights than the German Emperor ever possessed, the German people under its regime would remain for decades to come shorn of all rights, and deprived, to a far greater extent than any people in the days of absolutism, of any independence of action, of any individual aspiration in its economic or even in its ethical progress."
  • _, by the same author, was one of the most fascinating books, at once popular, and scientific, which have appeared for decades.
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