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  • One does not want to live for sex but only through sex.
  • And as for sex,--in its finer aspects it no longer interests us.
  • i det Hus, hvor Restrup for sex

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  • A fourth was the first man to lift his voice for sex hygiene west of the Mississippi river.
  • The primitive man made work acceptable at the same time that he used it as an equivalent and substitute for sex-activity.
  • They may be traced in our common language, especially in the words used for sex and kin relationships.
  • Co-education helps, for then the commingling of the sexes affords a harmless and unconscious outlet for sex interest.
  • On the stage there is no deduction for sex, and, therefore, woman has shown in that sphere an equal genius.
  • Nature has no care for sex-morals as we understand them, any mode of sexual union is equally right so long as it serves the race-process.
  • But, under the three other heads, Joseph distances his sister hopelessly and can afford her much more than weight for sex.
  • For instance, the demand for nutrition, for sex gratification, for light, air, and exercise, is a natural law.
  • These are representative questions, and they strike deep into the heart of education as we see it today, for sex education is no longer merely a matter of biological instruction.
  • The first named are the more reliable, for sex and love have been made forbidden subjects, until self-consciousness, affectation and untruth creep easily into their accounting.
  • But ethics are ethics: the great principles of morals, as proclaimed either by science or by religion, do not fluctuate for sex; their basis is in the very foundations of right itself.
  • This form of psycho-analysis rather than the search for sex insults, as they are called, or sexual incidents of early life, is the hopeful phase of modern psychological contribution to therapeutics.
  • Boswellister XIV, Noble Prince of Ippling, smiled his confidence in his sex-money-superstition equation as he walked briskly down the road to begin his contact with a world that had substituted vat-culture procreation for sex; that had abolished money in favor of a complicated system of verbal, personal-honor swapping credits; that had no religions or superstitions.
  • Now, up to a certain point sex differences lead to sex-attraction, but whenever such variability--whether initiated by some natural process or by some intentional guidance of the pressure of civilisation--is unduly exaggerated, the way is opened up for sex-antagonism.
  • They should give them timely counsel in relation to the temptations to which they may be exposed, apprise them of the evils that follow in the train of disobedience, and endeavor, by kindly advice and friendly admonition, to infix in their minds a delicate sense of honor, an abhorrence for this whole class of vice, and a determination never to entertain a thought of indulging the appetite for sex except within the pale of wedlock, and in accordance with God's own appointment.
  • We have followed the development of the male, under the action of love's selection, from his first insignificant position in the reproductive process; we have seen him becoming larger than the female, strong, jealous and masterful--in fact, a kind of fighting specialisation, with special weapons of defence for sex-battles.
  • 2 Live Crew juxtaposes the romantic musings of a man whose fantasy comes true, with degrading taunts, a bawdy demand for sex, and a sigh of relief from paternal responsibility.
  • The patriot's passion for his country, the enthusiasm of pity and helpfulness towards all suffering which marks the man of God, are as far removed from the physical attraction of sex for sex, and the mere liking of the eye and ear, as is the intellectual power of the sage from the vulpine cunning of the savage. "
  • ; "General Words for Sex and Kinship," Part III.; "Special Words for Sex and Relationship."
  • But she would have recoiled with horror from the reckless propaganda for sex-freedom that was a part of the Young German campaign, as she also repudiated the violence of the revolutionists of 1848.--If there is something masculine in Fraeulein von Droste's firm and plastic touch, there is something almost feminine in the finely-chiseled lyrics of the Protestant pastor EDUARD MOeRIKE (1804-1875),
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