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How To Use For Water In A Sentence?

  • Pushed on to Mongwato for water.
  • Details of men were sent for water, and never returned.
  • We take a bucket to the tap for water, and lo!
  • Recent instances of divination or "dowzing" for water.
  • It was in vain, however, that we looked for water.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For For Water | For Water Sentence

  • Everybody cried out for water.
  • He was in agony for water.
  • But it was more for water than for food.
  • Filtering apparatus as for water analysis.
  • There must be no competition for water.
  • A child begged for water.
  • The guide was despatched for water.
  • A very ancient colloquialism for water.
  • You had come to the well for water.
  • Delafield rushed for water-and-brandy.
  • Scouts were sent out on both sides to search for water.
  • The guardian began hunting for water.
  • He laid her on the moss and looked about for water.
  • Every moment the wounded called for water.
  • No appeal for water to drink was heeded.
  • The party was eager for water and all secured it.
  • Many piteous appeals were made for water.
  • A coasting-vessel might put in here for water.
  • He stepped round to the doorway and asked for water.
  • He sat up on the swaying deck and motioned for water.
  • They dipped up snow at the door and melted it for water.
  • I noticed they were making toward the creek for water.
  • Testing soils for water, 162.
  • We had to learn how to look for water in this peculiar way.
  • And we rushed down the steep hill to look for water.
  • And there were several brass basins and ewers for water.
  • An indescribable thirst for water now seized upon me.
  • Perhaps she was looking about for water, or for fire-wood.
  • Squirt, for water, 390.
  • For water on the stomach makes a man poor-spirited.
  • There the first one he met was a man going for water.
  • And the pump stations for water and gas and fuel oil.
  • The oxen came up for water, and the mule with them.
  • They could reach the hay and eat snow for water.
  • He asked for water, but a curse was the only answer.
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