Force in a sentence

Definition of Force

To stuff; to lard; to farce. | (countable, Northern England) A waterfall or cascade.

How to use Force in a Sentence?

  • It is against this use of the doctrine that we intend to direct the force of our argument.
  • He prayed loudly and strenuously as if heaven were to be taken by force of lungs.
  • It can no more be the effect of an extraneous force than two and two can be made equal to five.
  • I determined to force myself not to look at the painting but to undress quickly and get into bed.
  • There is another false conception which has given great apparent force to the cause of necessity.
  • Open force may be called fighting, and secret force may have the general name of hunting?
  • And his thoughts went back, by force of sudden contrast, to the life of another lonely man.
  • The force is to consist ultimately of 4 officers, 7 warrant officers and sergeants, 32 mechanics.
  • But you are mistaken in thinking the force west consists of the entire Merrill Horse.
  • But when the conviction did force itself upon him their most insistent and insolent barking was powerless to arrest his further attention.
  • All that could be done to protect them from the full force of the shock was done by relatives and good friends.
  • More machines will be added and by the end of the present year it is probable that a very considerable air force will exist.
  • It was a custom which was so well established and so universally recognized, that it had all the force and dignity of law.
  • But the headlong wave returning with tenfold force flung him on her suddenly, with open arms and blazing eyes.
  • It is an exceedingly difficult thing, by the force of speculation, to silence the voice of nature within us.
  • Was it possible that even now those old enchanters held their meetings here, and would question his right to force his way among them?
  • Surely the Magyar has sense enough to subdue by his intellectual superiority those whom he cannot overcome by force of arms?
  • The throne upon which he was placed by force has quite changed Apafi's character.
  • Its long, pointed beak smites down with such force as to crush shield and helmet to pieces, and a sword is no defence against it.
  • She had invariably gained her point; and she had gained it with few words, without temper or agitation, by sheer force of character.
  • But this reason, however specious and imposing at first view, will lose much of its apparent force upon a closer examination.
  • My passion for Bianca gained daily more force from absence; by constant meditation it wore itself a deeper and deeper channel.
  • Of course he is not accountable for the failure of the consequence of his will in the one case, nor for the consequence of the force imposed on his body in the other.
  • If there were any force in such analogies, they would conclude quite as much against the scheme of Dr. Channing as against ours.
  • The only reason that any one of the force of thirty men usually employed in the mine escaped was that the accident occurred just as they were putting on a new shift.
  • Every such person should first ask himself whether his objection might not be retorted, or the shaft be hurled back with destructive force at the assailant.

Short Example Sentence for Force

  • In one instant he was petrified by the force of tradition.
  • He would allow no one to force his hand.
  • The aviation force is put at 4 batallions.
  • The force west is about five hundred strong.
  • Here take him, bind him, force the truth from him.
  • What force the Captain brings with him against you!
  • Was he actually a force that would have to be reckoned with in the future?
  • No data are yet available as to the ultimate force to be provided.
  • She alone is bold enough to force her way through this wild rocky labyrinth.
  • At the end of 1912 the military air force consisted of three 50 h.p.
  • But I have found a way to force them to't.
  • The Army aerial force will be commanded by 2 inspector generals.
  • Rumor had increased Porter's force to two thousand.
  • Bat, I learned, was attached to the Force in a civilian capacity.

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