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  • They were forced to join in the flight.
  • No forced optimism can blink iron facts.
  • After a long while, he forced himself to open them.
  • The Spaniards were forced to retreat.
  • We won't part company again unless we're forced to.
  • Air from blowers | Forced lubrication.
  • Here the War Chief was forced to return.
  • I am forced to admit that it was the price paid for my sojourn here.
  • A forced smile on those convulsed features was something too terrible.
  • Much against his will Mark was forced to remain and again rehearse his story.
  • He was forced to trust to Lumley's guidance.
  • During the whole week I was forced to submit and to suffer like a saint.
  • Balked in his purpose, Brant was forced to remain inactive at headquarters.
  • Premier Venizelos, the Allies' hope, is forced to resign.

How To Use Forced In A Sentence?

  • There was no response to her knock and she was forced to leave without having done her errand.
  • And feeling his hand being forced he discovered the whole extent of his cowardice.
  • They rode at a walk most of the time, and we were forced to keep the same pace.
  • It was a forced laugh, and the echo of it in the old chamber jarred upon my ear.
  • Gray's face cleared as he forced himself to accept this explanation as the true one.
  • I tell him to do a thing if he disobeys me he is punished for so doing, but not forced to obey me afterwards.
  • As it is, intermittent relaxation has to be forced upon him by his colleagues and his medical advisers.
  • And he was so infernally insistent about it, that she was forced to pull up and get away from the post in self-defense.
  • Not only this, but in the houses along the road they found a number of severely wounded that the guerrillas had been forced to leave.
  • A careful search of the house revealing nothing, the soldiers were forced to believe she told the truth.
  • Byrne, flinging himself against the half closed door, forced his way in against some considerable resistance.
  • From house to house the men forced their way, and at the end of two hours the enemy were in full flight.
  • It was as though a young eagle had brought a flying panther to bay, and forced him to a life-and-death struggle.
  • With an effort that forced a groan from him he dragged himself a pace forwards and plucked Gray by the sleeve.
  • After he was securely bound he was forced to stand while the two, with foul epithets, hung the body of the corporal over the road.
  • An unhappy accident, he told them, had forced him to make to them in writing a communication which he would gladly have made from the throne.
  • If forced to carry too much current, however, the same frying or sizzling sound is noticeable as in the earlier types.
  • I am forced to admit that William was at times ill-advised in the hours and places he chose for his adventures.
  • I who had once been almost repulsed from its walls, and forced to fly as an exile, was welcomed back with acclamation, with servility.
  • At last the stag forced his way into the thick reed-grown fens and took to the water, with the hero still in hot pursuit.
  • She never presumed unbidden upon an observation and if I forced one from her she invariably begged my pardon for the liberty.
  • Now I don't want to sass such famous littery people, but you see they kind of forced me.
  • His advice was overruled, however, and he was forced to follow the retreating foe upon the road to Moscow.
  • Cloete tries to show him that the fellow can do nothing; but George thinks that some sort of scandal may be forced on, anyhow.
  • Napoleon invaded Poland, and found himself forced into a winter campaign at a formidable distance from France.
  • After I have explained matters to the agent, he will be forced to wait the arrival of my witnesses, of course, before he can do anything.

Definition of Forced

Obtained forcefully, not naturally. | Opened or accessed using force. | simple past tense and past participle of force
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