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  • One of his forearms ended in a steel hook.
  • His brown forearms were covered with tattoo-marks.
  • I could see his forearms shake along of it.
  • Both hands and forearms must be rhythmically moved up and down.
  • He was the one with the muscular forearms and the slight limp.
  • Neewa was hugging the limb with both forearms and both hind legs.
  • The forearms and the hands were subjected to the same treatment as the head.
  • The sleeves fell back from bony forearms with puckered skin.

How To Use Forearms In A Sentence?

  • Dalgard took the opportunity to study those bands on the forearms of the adults.
  • With his forearms he made no effort to rend the black, but used them to hold and throw his enemy.
  • Strong, sturdy, bared forearms flashed regularly like moving, rhythmic shafts ...
  • Flowing muscles rippled under the white skin of his forearms as he vaulted the fence to stand beside her.
  • Say, he had six separate and distinct bridle welts on both of his forearms that he got in pulling horses.
  • One was lying on its belly with its forearms gathered under it so that he could not see if it, also, were so equipped.
  • Their forearms and legs are black, showing in each a zigzag mark representing lightning on the black rain clouds.
  • At the thought the muscles of his forearms contracted, drawing his fingers into rigidly clenched fists, and for a moment he did not breathe.
  • The sleeves of his flannel blouse were usually rolled up to the elbows, showing on his forearms several tattooed designs in red and blue ink.
  • He was leaning forward in an attitude of attention, his elbows resting on his knees, his forearms depending between them, his head thrust out.
  • Two men sat at the cabin table, leaning forward, hands and forearms outstretched, fingering something.
  • He would place his forearms akimbo on the edge of the float, and lift himself up a bit, like a little old man, and stare steadfastly at the light.
  • The face, hands, forearms and genitalia are favorite parts, although it may in many instances involve a greater portion of the whole surface.
  • He was lying on his back with his hands under his head, and the sleeves of his shirt rolled back left bare his mighty forearms with their faded tattooings.
  • To my enquiry as to the prosperity of the great enterprise he raised his eyebrows and shoulders and exhibited a pair of unwashed palms, his forearms resting on the marble table.
  • After this she let her hands and forearms lie in the permanganate of potash solution till they were brown to the elbow, then washed away the stain in the oxalic-acid solution and in sterilised hot water.
  • He found the inner bolt melted and the lock inoperative; and, placing his forearms on either side of the middle crack of the door, he stood bracing it.

Definition of Forearms

plural of forearm
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