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  • In the forefront of the intellectual battle!
  • Dr. Douglas Hyde is in the forefront of this group.
  • In the forefront was Tony Richards scowling angrily.
  • It is an aspect of the subject which has been in the forefront of discussion.
  • Only for a moment did he gaze out over the heaving forefront of the drive.
  • Now that the hour had come, they were in the forefront of the fight.
  • Or, Putting Old Glory in the Forefront in France.
  • Or, Putting Old Glory in the Forefront in France.

How To Use Forefront In A Sentence?

  • He can be a soldier of the Cross, and have himself placed in the forefront of the battle.
  • Wade went back in the forefront of the thronging crew of the men for Enchanted.
  • I saw Dunn throwing his camera into the air, in the forefront of the seething crowd.
  • If there are people born to be unhappy in this world, they are surely in the forefront of that tragic army!
  • It was a long and a bitter chase through the smother of the smoke, and in the very forefront of the racing conflagration.
  • Every department of the civic life of the county was represented, but again the nurses were in the forefront of the picture.
  • A number of movements for human betterment have kept the whole idea in the forefront of the public mind.
  • Bayard!" was the clarion note which cheered on his company, ever in the forefront of battle.
  • Hayslope wasn't and couldn't be always in the forefront of his mind, with all the varied and thronging interests that were his.
  • They came on with slow precision, and in the forefront rolled a great machine that seamed and rent the prairie into triple furrows.
  • The exigencies of war and the requirements of control prevent the commander from being always, personally, in the forefront of action.
  • From the slipping of a snow-shoe thong to the forefront of sudden death, she could gauge occasion by the pitch and volume of his blasphemy.
  • War, indeed, is inevitable; and Transylvania must be gloriously in the forefront of it.
  • This Cromwell was unambitious, something of a poltroon, and only kept in the forefront by the personality of his father.
  • But all that was in the forefront of his mind was that last sight of Shiloh following the Pinto to battle.
  • They brought the question of Ireland once more, for the first time since 1895, into the forefront of British politics.
  • But it was out of the punishments very properly inflicted upon the misguided schoolboys and students whom the politicians had put in the forefront of the fray that the greatest capital was made.
  • It was a morning when life and good health assumed their fitting places in the forefront of those many and varied considerations which form the sum of human happiness.
  • All along their line swept the wild desperate charge; and there, straight in the forefront of the battle, still waved the white robe of Maiwa.
  • No doubt the captain and his lieutenant were well enough pleased, for they stride forth in the forefront of the picture, but the rank and file were bitterly hostile.
  • The interpreter recognises that his true function is to serve his day and his generation, and so he places this ideal of Service in the forefront of his vision.
  • Tahoe ranks in the forefront both for altitude and size, and in beauty and picturesqueness, majesty and sublimity, there is no mountain body of water on this earth that is its equal.
  • At Omdurman Abdullah had remained mounted behind the hill of Surgham, but in this his last fight he had set himself in the forefront of the battle.
  • Here stooping she picked up a little boy who had worked himself into the forefront of the crowd, and before I knew what she was about to do she had lifted him upon the cart beside her.
  • I may here remark that there was great ill-feeling between the blacks and the Dervishes, for the black soldiers complained that they were always placed in the forefront of the battle.

Definition of Forefront

(transitive) To bring to the forefront; to emphasize, or focus on. | The leading position or edge.
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