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  • And we'll foregather when a year is gone.

How To Use Foregather In A Sentence?

  • Only foregather with one of the pretty things, and ye'll be in a mess before long.
  • For even in the range-land are certain rules of etiquette which must be observed when men and women foregather in the pursuit of pleasure.
  • Here, on the isthmus created by nature to join the continents, the nations created by men should foregather and proclaim fraternal accord.
  • Our Highlanders, when they come out, will foregather with them, as mountaineers always do with each other.
  • There were, as is usual when Englishmen foregather in a country where wine is cheap, empty bottles scattered about.
  • Nor shall we foregather at the little house in the Hampstead Road, the house which Kit enveloped in an inimitable air of domesticity.
  • It had flashed across telegraph wires to Sacramento; had been talk for a day in many a place where sporting men foregather in San Francisco.

Definition of Foregather

Alternative form of forgather

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