Forego In A Sentence

Definition of Forego

Alternative spelling of forgo; to abandon, to relinquish

How To Use Forego In A Sentence?

  • Ibarra resolves to forego all quarrels and to work for the betterment of his people.
  • If the offended will spare his life and forego their revenge, it may be permitted.
  • His methods must be more expensive and he must forego present profits on trees he leaves.
  • Colonel Murphy and the major had not even been forced to forego the pleasures of the chessboard.
  • It was a cheap means of subjugating, but, being an advantage, she would not forego it.
  • At any rate, I am not sufficiently magnanimous to forego the opportunity should it occur.
  • Did the knight forego his false worship and his vows, and so marry his beloved Anna?
  • From this moment, then, I will forego all pretensions beyond those of a friend.
  • My brain is tired, and I gladly forego all writing that costs thought or attention.
  • He, however, turned a deaf ear to the request, and no words could induce him to forego his dance.
  • Old Paul, feeling that it might be well to forego the pail of water, gave the word to start.
  • I cannot forego mentioning the strange thoughts brought out by the crucifix as it hung there beside my portrait.
  • The only alternative was to forego the ball and her great reprisal; and this was unthinkable now that all her hopes were centred on revenge.
  • The pupil suffering from tremolo or even very strong vibrato must have courage to stop at once and to forego having a big voice.
  • It occurred to her that she really ought to go and find that peroxide, but she could not forego the pleasure of irritating this man.
  • Be reasonable, then; forego your revenge and permit free men to proceed to their destination without injury.
  • No, it was not in woman's power to forego all Lynda was foregoing if she loved deeply.
  • We must forego no noble expression of idealistic faith, lest we impoverish our own souls, and beggar those who come after us.
  • Nor was the Countess so singular; we should often forego what we like best if we were obliged to define it accurately and aloud.
  • The popular fury against England made the people willing to forego all the comforts and advantages of free trade in colonial wares.
  • In the first place, Giudice expected me to forego every other line of art, and devote all my time to portraiture of himself.
  • But Nicholas, hearing how neither faction would forego its glory, had the remedy ready in a cranny of his brain.
  • It is a less evil that they should forego all the advantages of early rising than that any contest on the subject should take place between them and their parents.
  • The inexorable almanac urged us on, but one excursion that we could not forego was that to Battlefield Church.
  • I began to think long ago that I must forego that last test, for there was none like the Sleeper until you came.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Forego | Forego Sentence

  • Why forego the advantages of so peculiar a situation?
  • These things cannot forego the existence of the doubt.
  • During a feast the men could not forego their pipes.
  • To forego delights and live laborious evenings.
  • Was I willing to forego it?
  • Consequently I had to forego college until the next season.
  • Couldn't you for once in your life forego a triumph?
  • Would it not be wiser and better to forego this enterprise altogether?
  • He seemed to have the advantage, but he decided to forego it.
  • If we are snow-bound we will not have to entirely forego even grand opera.
  • It seemed hard to realize that one must forego it all for ever.
  • We must often forego a pleasure if it leads in the end to greater pain.
  • He cannot forego his sensations, that "box of compacted sweets".
  • He must be moved indeed, she knew, if he meant to forego his evening smoke.
  • But could forego my share of moss, Nor ever realize the loss.

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