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  • His forehead is perfectly cool.
  • His forehead was bathed with sweat.
  • Father, why the forehead so wrinkled?
  • Banfi laid his hand on his forehead and prayed.
  • He sat motionless, his forehead resting between his hands.
  • Shall I delight her of the alabaster forehead with a tale?
  • With his elbow on his knee, he rested his forehead on his hand.
  • She brushed the dark hair back from his forehead and kissed his eyes.
  • She admired his high forehead and his firm, rather proud mouth.
  • The forehead did not make for beauty; it was too broad and high, intellectual.
  • In person he was tall, fair, with high forehead and big nose.
  • Dan Anderson passed his hand over a forehead suddenly grown moist.
  • He lifted his hat, and I saw that his forehead and hair was damp with sweat.
  • On the forehead of his neighbor No man writeth Slave!
  • The girl's forehead puckered up into a bewildered sort of frown.
  • Who?" mumbled Abbott, whose forehead was puckered with impatience.

How To Use Forehead In A Sentence?

  • He wiped the sweat from his forehead with one hand and waved the forceps with the other.
  • Blood flowed from wounds in the back of his head, from his forehead and from his sides.
  • Sweat bubbled out on his forehead like tears that could not possibly wait to reach his eyes.
  • Catharine embraced the elder girl, who shyly presented her forehead to be kissed.
  • He was on his feet again in a moment, but his forehead was bleeding, and he felt strangely giddy.
  • The hatchet penetrated her skull, laying it open from the upper part of the forehead to the crown.
  • He did not know what there was under that ivory forehead so splendidly shaped, so gloriously crowned.
  • At the conclusion of it those present kissed his hand and reverently touched with their forehead the hand-writing of the khalif.
  • The priest paused to dip up some water, and to stroke the maid's forehead and wrists.
  • His face became dark red, and the veins on his forehead and in his neck stood out and throbbed visibly.
  • The only record is the mark 'Enrietter will carry on her forehead with her to the grave.
  • A straight sailor hat of rough straw came well down over her forehead and showed fluffs of shining hair at the sides.
  • Then, as though it recalled some vague memory, she crinkled up her forehead and started to get out of bed.
  • Brook's forehead wrinkled as he listened, his brow rose, and sweat flowed from it.
  • Tell her always, when you see a mole on her cheek or her forehead or anything, that is a sign she will become a great lady.
  • The lean, dark-eyed man wiped his fingers wet with a stinging stream from his forehead and flung it from him with a weary curse.
  • Young opened the door and pointed her out to me sitting in the shade of the wild vine, with her forehead resting on her hands, as if in a doze.
  • Having found a name for his puppet he began to work in good earnest, and he first made his hair, then his forehead and then his eyes.
  • Aunt Lizzie had snow-white hair drawn tightly from her forehead and a corpse-like pallor to match it.
  • On his seamed face the sweat had almost dried, but when he shoved his hat up with his forearm, his sleeve came away from his forehead damp.
  • It was parted on one side, brushed back severely, and tied with a black ribbon, without any bronze mist about her forehead or temple.
  • A wide black hat, pushed back now, showed a broad forehead white against crisp coal-black hair and the pleasant tan of neck and cheek.
  • At seven or eight years old girls are tattooed on hands, arms, neck, and chest, and the face is decorated with stars on the forehead and chin.
  • Father Claude rested his hand on her forehead as they walked, and Menard gave him an anxious, questioning glance.

Definition of Forehead

(countable) The part of the face above the eyebrows and below the hairline. | (uncountable) confidence; audacity
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