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  • A foreleg was crippled.
  • His foreleg was now dyed crimson.
  • He hit again and broke the foreleg of my brother.
  • The lower joints of the foreleg must be channelled out in the same way.
  • One of his hind legs was twisted under him, and a foreleg was under his chest.

How To Use Foreleg In A Sentence?

  • The left foreleg had been broken at the knee, splinters of bone penetrating the skin.
  • And the sun caught on a glistening band about its short foreleg just beneath the joint of the taloned pawhands.
  • He leaped back and into the air, and when he came down lifted his right foreleg as if in intense pain.
  • On the foreleg of the male there is a comb-like organ formed by a row of bristles; it is absent in the female.
  • Pass the end of each foreleg wire through the ring, and let them cross again, with the wire of the left leg underneath the other.
  • After starting at the abdomen, we come very soon to where the foreleg joins the body at the shoulder, and the hind leg at the hip.
  • I should like to hear if Rarey's plan of tying up the foreleg would influence them.
  • They found him engaged in tying up the foreleg of Scott's horse with strips of his shirt.
  • Then, quite suddenly, it raised its head with a start, and the movement caused it to raise a foreleg caught in the trailing reins.
  • Never permit the horse to choose which foreleg shall lead; make him subject to your will and hand; and it is a good plan to change the leading leg when in a canter.
  • Since our squirrel is to be holding a nut, we will cut off the foreleg wires, all but half an inch, and bring the paws close together at the proper elevation.
  • Then hold the foreleg perfectly straight, at a right angle to the axis of the body, and bend up the foot into the position it would assume if the animal were standing upon it.

Definition of Foreleg

Either of the two legs towards the front of a four-legged animal, a piece of furniture, etc.
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