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How To Use Foreshadowed In A Sentence?

  • Decrees in application of the foreshadowed reforms have already been promulgated.
  • The sight was temporarily depressing, as it foreshadowed what we had to expect.
  • Expectancy trembled in her bosom, where no fear foreshadowed what remained for him to say.
  • It foreshadowed some of the ideas subsequently included in the Pennsylvania constitution.
  • That prospect had thrilled and fascinated; the one now foreshadowed seemed too black to come true.
  • Jefferson foreshadowed the judgment to fall upon the land for its sins against a just God.
  • The frown on his face foreshadowed it, but presently it lifted, and he nodded shrewdly after Joe.
  • What Kaid had long foreshadowed seemed at hand: the coming of a European counsellor and confidant.
  • It foreshadowed a strong and more energetic development of the mines and the speedier realization of his most earnest desires.
  • Perhaps; but the picture's value to us lies in that it foreshadowed the new idea in art.
  • They showed the depth and strength of the forces of the old society, and they foreshadowed the violence which marked its dissolution.
  • It foreshadowed the divinely aided continuance of Truth through such a terror as men had never known before.
  • Cold weather seems to hasten hibernation, but less so than the correct physiologic condition which is foreshadowed by a rapid gain in weight.
  • As man was foreshadowed in remotest ages as the crowning type in the series of organic life, so man foreshadows superior excellence.
  • This urgent notice, distributed the night before between 9 and 11 p.m., foreshadowed an imminent occupation.
  • Nor will the events foreshadowed come to pass till the harvest, the end of the age, comes, and the church has been removed from the earth.
  • In the circumstances the duke and duchess crossed over and inaugurated their reign with a brilliant ball which foreshadowed a very gay time for the metropolis.
  • She checked the question that my change of expression must have foreshadowed by a frown which warned me that she could not give any reason for her suspicion in that company.
  • But whereas material and efficient causes have been clearly understood, his predecessors had only vaguely foreshadowed and dimly perceived the value of formal and final causes.
  • On his way to camp he turned the problem over and over in his mind, but could make nothing of it, unless the words foreshadowed an attempt on the temporary dam.
  • The hint was significant; the foreshadowed victory was too plainly and too palpably predicted to admit of a doubt, and a chilling silence succeeded to the former uproar.
  • Who climbs to the skies by any false means of ascent that he may seek to establish, will find his fate foreshadowed in the simple fact that he does not commence his ascent from a secure foundation.
  • His explosive revolutionism foreshadowed acute attacks of despair amidst Austrian opportunism, which from time to time became terrified at its own insignificance.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Foreshadowed | Foreshadowed Sentence

  • It foreshadowed the future of online speech regulation.
  • A development of that sort foreshadowed complexities of a rare order.
  • The exodus so long foreshadowed seemed appreciably under way.
  • They clearly foreshadowed the triumph that came almost a century later.
  • This is the secret of the coming race which Lord Lytton foreshadowed for us.
  • All that was foreshadowed both by David and Solomon is realised in Christ.
  • In "Vivian Grey," Disraeli foreshadowed his bright and vengeful career.

Definition of Foreshadowed

simple past tense and past participle of foreshadow
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