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  • I can foretell his name.
  • How foretell its frightful meanderings?
  • The one she touches will foretell her fate.
  • To foretell the future is to modify the future.
  • They foretell the coming whirlwind of disaster.
  • Three lamps in a row foretell a wedding in the family.
  • I can not foretell it, for I am no prophet.
  • I can foretell destiny, but I cannot change it.
  • Poor Sails, he could not foretell his own finish!
  • Who can foretell what will happen in a minute's time?
  • No one can foretell in what direction our young democracy will develop.
  • Under such conditions it did not need keen vision to foretell disaster.
  • Didn't I always foretell it?
  • To foretell complexion of future mate, select three soft fluffy feathers.
  • Yet if otherwise, it needs no prophet of Israel to foretell the end.
  • And they do often foretell the most wonderful things; I know they do.
  • I foretell that I can twist my fair Belle round my little finger.
  • Though it needs no prophet to foretell hot weather from June 6 to June 23.
  • I frankly doubt if any man can foretell the future of Mr Lloyd George.

How To Use Foretell In A Sentence?

  • This is enumerated among the plants which are supposed to foretell the weather.
  • Dreamers were gifted with a power to foretell special classes of events in dreams.
  • Stars in a circle around the moon foretell a storm in the same number of days as there are stars.
  • He could not foretell the number of his guests, but this did in no way disconcert him.
  • Who can foretell what friends she may be destined to make; what opportunities she may have.
  • Sixty-two is too early to die, and nothing seemed to foretell his premature end.
  • The dead have the power to charm mortals and take them away, and to foretell the future.
  • He claims to be a seventh son, or something like that, and to be able to foretell death.
  • Indeed this Kazuma has but to continue the art of prophecy if he would foretell his own fate.
  • The prophets who foretell the coming of Socialism base their case on three sets of arguments.
  • Instead, he could teleport and he could even foretell the future a little, in a dim sort of way.
  • Can, like the stars, foretell the weather; And what is parchment else but leather?
  • Do not the Scriptures of Truth foretell a happy period on earth, when there shall be war no more?
  • Wherefore, then, saith the Lord that the budding of the Fig-Tree shall foretell the end?
  • And the more you learn the nearer you are to the deadly ability of being able to foretell the future.
  • Fools pretend to foretell what will be the issue of things, and are laughed at for their awkward conjectures.
  • Her situation was so complicated with big elements which she would have to handle that he could not foretell just what her course would be.
  • No man alive could foretell what condition the pitch would be in after a few hours of blazing sunshine.
  • She could foretell exactly what they would say, once they had exhausted the topic of gravel in the shoe.
  • Many a harmless maid has she brought to ruin by contriving plots and events herself, and then pretending to foretell them.
  • Which fore-conceptions again now are; and those who foretell those things, do behold the conceptions present before them.

Definition of Foretell

(transitive, intransitive) To predict; to tell the future before it occurs; to prophesy.
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