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  • The usual rebuke to human forethought followed.
  • Her delicacy, her forethought touched Mr. Greyne to tears.
  • For most of them she had had the time and the forethought to prepare.
  • The feeble-minded have no forethought and no self-restraint.
  • These he won partly by skill and forethought but chiefly by intrepidity.
  • Then the tactics adopted point to considerable forethought and judgment.
  • Without this forethought there could be no progress, no civilization.
  • But order and forethought is wanted for industry as well as for human life.
  • It was a pernicious want of forethought which would cost many lives.
  • One moment later, she was blessing her forethought in not saying anything.
  • I thanked God for this forethought before the night was over.
  • And this is that you cannot but allow Some forethought indispensable.

How To Use Forethought In A Sentence?

  • It was forethought and preparation which secured us the overwhelming triumph of 1898.
  • Allied stupidity provided the opportunity, imperial forethought supplied the rest.
  • They do not exercise forethought enough, and are defective in the virtue of prudent economy.
  • This she did; having the forethought to write a few clear lines, lest the messenger should fail.
  • But often that happens which one least expects, and it is time that I use forethought for myself.
  • He who exercises no forethought but makes light of his opponents is sure to be captured by them.
  • Spiritual sympathy is a lesser mercy than that forethought which anticipates and extirpates the causes of suffering.
  • The invention of traps requires more forethought than the invention of weapons and was at a later date.
  • Learn how to exercise that forethought that anticipates every future need at the beginning of an undertaking.
  • But the appearances suggested that the crazy vehicle had been prepared with considerable forethought for its present use.
  • Let them therefore hold the maxim that the production of offspring with forethought and providence is rational nature.
  • Boyish forethought stared her in the face and staggered her by its ghastly incongruities with the things this premeditating youth had done.
  • A little forethought and very moderate ingenuity would render their camp comparatively healthy and comfortable.
  • The transaction is a notable instance of the prince's forethought and liberality at an early age.
  • The wisest forethought may fail to arrive at a sound conclusion as to the result of holding the meeting.
  • We had to picnic on chocolate and wine for twenty-four hours through our lack of forethought in not supplying ourselves with food for the trip.
  • Shall the human mother, then, be held guiltless when she shows no forethought for the future of her child?
  • I love to lose my reason with my eyes open, to commit the deed of drunkenness with forethought and deliberation.
  • Now, however, she had the forethought to drink the milk and put the biscuits and sandwiches in her pocket.
  • Such was the indefatigable precaution and forethought of this robber chief, who really gave continual evidences of military talent.
  • More forethought was exercised, and the last of the cold seasons was met with preparations that mitigated and cheered the grievous glooms.
  • She talked softly to him, as she went about the room, attending to those details of forethought of which mothers have the secret.
  • In either case, a little forethought and labour will vastly increase the security of the depot against hostile attempts.
  • The girl threw herself into an easy chair, drawn up to the glowing stove with careful forethought by the old lady.
  • By telling his wish with regard to the princess, the landlord thought to show his forethought as well as the loftiness of his aspirations.
  • This surely, if we have the prudence and forethought which a priest ought to have, should make us pause and consider.
  • This was one of the numerous instances in which we had occasion to admire the prudence and forethought of the great Wellington!
  • The manner in which Raleigh went about the work of colonization showed remarkable forethought and system.

Definition of Forethought

Thought of, or planned, beforehand. | Thinking beforehand or in advance, planning; prior or previous consideration; premeditation. | Anticipation.
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