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  • Could the forgers be returning to make sure of their victim?

How To Use Forgers In A Sentence?

  • If these fellows are an international gang of forgers they will have no scruples.
  • The forgers and furnacemen do not eat much food in the shed during the summer months.
  • The forgers manufacture the pieces in the rough, the filers polish them and put them together.
  • No doubt they were in need of a little exercise and anxious to see the stampers and forgers at work.
  • There never was a good coin issued from the mint but forgers at once have coined something very like it.
  • If the letters were in truth forged, it was necessary for the forgers to concoct as plausible a story concerning them as possible.
  • All this was upon the principle that forgers hate to have the signature examined by an expert, and that imposture detests curiosity.
  • It may or may not have been true; one is not compelled to believe all the extraordinary reports circulated by the forgers and furnacemen.
  • The gun lock makers are ranged into two great divisions of forgers and filers, beside many subdivisions.
  • Might not the same argument be used against interference with thieves and forgers or still more extreme criminals in the pursuit of their livelihood?
  • There are secrets in the manufacture of steel which are never betrayed to outsiders, and it would be a waste of time and money for the local furnacemen and forgers to attempt to do anything with it.
  • No one can withstand the attraction of the steam-hammers; even those who have spent a lifetime in the shed like to stand and watch the stampers and forgers at work.
  • The forgers would at once perceive, that it would not do to make her speak straight out, and in plain terms command the perpetration of the murder, and arrange all the preliminary steps for it.
  • Business men are generally apt at detecting and turning off petty schemes, but they find it best to have the means with which they may deal successfully as against regular swindlers, forgers and counterfeiters.

Definition of Forgers

plural of forger
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