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  • Every fork impaled its slice.
  • Cyn shook an oyster fork at her threateningly.
  • Jake with his fork in the biggest piece of ham.
  • A fork in a tree suits me much better.
  • Right in the fork of the trail, he saw a young bird.
  • Head of North Fork of Powder River.
  • A man rode out at the fork to meet him and trotted with him over the bridge.
  • We'll get the garden fork and jab it into the puddings.
  • N. Fork White River, White Mts.
  • The tiny-pronged oyster fork was lying there on the cloth, untouched!
  • He stopped at the fork and looked back, for none of his men was following.
  • Heath, N Fork Flat Willow Creek; 2 mi.
  • He'll fork out, I know he will.
  • N Junction Henrys Fork and Utah Boundary, 2; 1 mi.
  • Miss Fairfax put her knife and fork together, and leant back in her chair.
  • N Mad River Bridge, 3000 ft., South Fork Mtn.
  • NNW Mad River Bridge, 2900 ft., South Fork Mtn.
  • The judge put down his fork and laid his hand on Sandy's arm.

How To Use Fork In A Sentence?

  • Close in the fork he was protected on either side from the hammering blows of the caroming timber.
  • Callovan turned to see an old and venerable looking man at the fork of the roads.
  • I had put the poisoned meat up in the fork of a pine tree, and now showed it to him.
  • Put a small knife and fork by the pickles, and also by any other dishes which need them.
  • She placed the third quarter upon a fresh plate and ostentatiously laid a fork beside it.
  • Aunt Lucille put down her knife and fork and murmured something to her husband.
  • It so happened that I came out near where there was a fork in the road of three prongs.
  • Drawing his little axe, he quickly cut and trimmed a small limb, leaving a fork on the end of it.
  • Judge Kent beat a muffled tattoo with the prongs of his fork on the handle of a spoon lying near.
  • And he pointed to the narrow passage which led up to the fork inside Will Tree.
  • The track of the lightning was visible on the tree, which had had a long strip of its bark torn off from the fork down to the roots.
  • The river mentioned was the Great North Fork of White River, and the latter was soon reached.
  • At that moment they reached a spot where the path divided into two: one fork leading to their tent and the other to the police camp.
  • He said he should take a long pole with two prongs at one end like a pitchfork, and with that fork up a bunch of hay.
  • The colt, sniffing curiously at a crotch in the live-oak against which he had been rubbing, had stepped into the low fork of the tree.
  • I recollect one day of finding a crooked tree which bent over the river or over one fork of the river, where it was divided by an island.
  • You never know when nor where your trail is liable to fork and lead you to new countries and new faces, or maybe plumb over the big divide.
  • The fiddle-bow was drawn across the tuning-fork, and the fork applied with its thrilling note to the conducting wire which Lefevre held.
  • If you must have knife and fork and plate, they can be produced, but when I am with my people I like to conform to their customs.
  • The knife and fork dropped from his hands, he hastily seized the missive, glanced rapidly over it, and I saw him turn pale as he read.
  • My brothers of the Long House have heard the promises of Onontio, and they have seen the fork in his tongue.
  • The wind sang in his ears and the path fell away behind him as he crouched low over the fork so that his body might offer as little resistance as possible.

Definition of Fork

(transitive, intransitive) To divide into two or more branches. | (transitive) To move with a fork (as hay or food). | (computer science) To spawn a new child process in some sense duplicating the existing process.
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