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  • Terence had involved himself in a forlorn hope.
  • How poor and forlorn it looked in this glare of light!
  • The tired men took eagerly to this forlorn hope.
  • His condition was, indeed, forlorn in the extreme.
  • Meanwhile Archie was elaborating his forlorn idea.
  • Birge was selected by Banks to lead the forlorn hope.
  • With snow at break of day, On fields forlorn and bare.
  • Mrs. Dormer-Smith caught at a forlorn hope.
  • Kate followed his every movement with a forlorn little smile.
  • They popped up their heads and saw the forlorn little maiden.
  • I came here with a wild sort of forlorn hope you could forgive.
  • They could anticipate his forlorn call amid that desolate scene.
  • It was like a play, with Mary a forlorn spectator in the blackness of the pit.

How To Use Forlorn In A Sentence?

  • He had studied it thoroughly from the forlorn boulder at the top of the ravine.
  • There was a forlorn kind of triumph at having at length become her exclusive possessor.
  • Indian summer could just as well come when the oaks have turned forlorn if it wanted to.
  • There was a last fading picture of a forlorn man convulsed with rage and despair.
  • It was a forlorn hope, and the jest went over the heads of the deck department.
  • If a holy war had been proclaimed already, then he was engaged on a forlorn hope.
  • He was fighting that last forlorn hope amid what, to him, seemed to be a sea of disaster.
  • For over six months the forlorn bibliophile remained away from the Lady of the Breviary.
  • Many sailing o'er life's solemn main, Forlorn and shipwrecked brothers, may take heart again.
  • Now that he had succeeded in the forlorn hope that he had undertaken, he was beginning to feel the reaction.
  • The bitterness of her forlorn condition had never struck her till it came associated with all the sorrows of others.
  • By twelve the street is dead, and the tread of the policeman echoes with a forlorn sound as if he were walking through a cemetery.
  • If we are to be saved from an insupportable fate only by such means, our condition must indeed be one of forlorn hopelessness.
  • A man's room is usually a forlorn affair in spite of any effort to make it home-like.
  • When her friends of the forlorn hope were slain and gone, she would surely succumb from mere despair.
  • He slipped past her into the room, and when she uttered a forlorn cry of defeat and shrank back he gripped her by the wrist.
  • It was the sound of the grief of primitive man, the cry of the forlorn and broken-hearted, uncloaked by convention.
  • Of all the people on this earth, a lone, lorn widower with three babies on his hands, is the most forlorn and miserable.
  • Over the mantelpiece the long gilt-framed mirror reflected, through a gray film, the darkened room with its forlorn disarrangement.
  • In any case, their united and repeated efforts bore fruit at last, if anything so hard and meager and forlorn can be called a fruit.
  • But it did not stop, and at last warm and tired Judy dropped down by the roadside, a forlorn figure.
  • Seeing her there, forlorn and beautiful, the old King inquired of the bride who it was she had thus left outside.
  • Lady Mercy helped the two forlorn creatures into her carriage, and placed the dog tenderly on the front seat.
  • The women were silent, greedily drinking in the strange, foreign sounds, touched for a moment with the sense of things forlorn and far away.
  • The Colonel was in a genial mood; the boys appeared very forlorn and unprotected on the desolate plain, and one of them was handsome.
  • Miranda had felt, from the moment when she first saw the forlorn little group, that Ephraim was dead, and yet the sure knowledge came as a shock.
  • This forlorn outpost of military duty involves exile from civilisation, and the risk of occasional raids from the wild tribes of the surrounding hills.

Definition of Forlorn

Abandoned, deserted, left behind. | Miserable, as when lonely after being abandoned. | Unlikely to succeed; hopeless.
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