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  • The formalities were few.
  • The formalities were few and soon over.
  • These formalities should be suppressed at once.
  • There had been no formalities about that meal.
  • He attended to the formalities of matriculating.
  • Here formalities would only be ridiculous.
  • The formalities got them nowhere.
  • All compulsory formalities of registration were abolished.
  • What a lot of tiresome formalities there has got to be!
  • The formalities of arrangement were speedily concluded.
  • Were there more formalities to be gone through, then?
  • The preliminary formalities went forward.
  • The young man wondered at the formalities of the plains.
  • But, think of it, formalities at this hour!
  • There are no further formalities to adjust, I believe?
  • Delays and formalities unexpected by them had hitherto postponed the sale.
  • There were formalities to be gone through, introductions and the like.
  • Why must those formalities insisted on by Guglielmi be respected?
  • After the usual opening formalities had been gone through, Lord Ribston rose.
  • Before Lord Brougham's Act, no formalities were necessary.

How To Use Formalities In A Sentence?

  • Neither of these formalities seems to have obtained generally in classical times.
  • The pretty formalities were executed at the door, and the pair of gentlemen departed.
  • In addition, many other formalities of food supply had to be taken into account.
  • They are not shy, and they have dropped the formalities and grand salutations of other Ainu.
  • The Commandant, from long disuse, had forgotten the formalities of official correspondence.
  • The Bavarian boundary, with its stupid Custom House formalities lay behind them.
  • As Chetwood waited to comply with the necessary formalities Mr. McGinity touched him on the arm.
  • Our entertainers observed some formalities which could do no discredit to the most enlightened assemblies.
  • Sigismund was urged to return to his own without further delay for legal formalities with his creditor.
  • Nor need our more sentimental economists fear the too wide spread of the formalities of a mechanical agriculture.
  • In contracts of sale which are not perfected at once by payment and delivery, certain formalities are to be observed.
  • He had told his story with many quaint formalities of diction, but also with a very convincing realism.
  • My efforts to introduce a little picturesqueness into the dull formalities of the law do not meet with that response that one would have expected.
  • In the case of superior courts no statutory forms of commitment exist, and the same formalities are not so strictly enforced.
  • Lay aside the wretched formalities of a king, and speak to your subjects with the spirit of a man and in the language of a gentleman.
  • He would himself submit to the most rigid formalities in order to exact a rigorous discipline and secure unconditional obedience from others.
  • A commendable absence of useless formalities characterized all their dealings with him, and in a very brief space he was free to leave the colony.
  • By-and-by, all formalities having been gone through, comes the parting with shipmates and the confusion of landing.
  • Of course first calls should be made and returned in person, the card-leaving formalities coming later on.
  • Lloyd recounted the basic formalities of custom for Boyce and explained that these people were not known to be very hostile.

Definition of Formalities

plural of formality
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