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  • One of these forms is the unity of opposites.
  • This water forms the great oceans.
  • Yes; each of them forms a class.
  • This moisture rises in the air and forms clouds.
  • The sloping part of the land forms a hill.
  • Both yaks and donkeys were very cheap forms of transport.
  • But is there any meaning in reintroducing the forms of the old logic?
  • A permanent magnet so related to iron forms part of a polarized ringer.
  • Some forms of these were invented by Professor Bell himself.
  • A popular Account of some of the larger forms of Ancient Animal Life.

How To Use Forms In A Sentence?

  • A comparison of the three forms given above will show clearly the advantage of the first.
  • By the dim light of the campfire they saw what they supposed were the sleeping forms of their enemies.
  • Yet it can hardly be said to have considered the forms of thought which are best adapted for the expression of facts.
  • But this was nothing compared with the difficulty experienced in such forms of cookery as were associated with boiling water.
  • And in later systems forms of thought are too numerous and complex to admit of our tracing in them a regular succession.
  • None of them gives an accurate knowledge of the forms of the waves which cause the reproduction of speech in the telephone receiver.
  • Neither are we able to say why of the common forms of thought some are rejected by him, while others have an undue prominence given to them.
  • As his glance swept in the opposite direction he saw two shadowy forms headed on a run for the side street.
  • At earliest dawn each of the two floors is covered with about a hundred and seventy-five prostrate forms of officers who have been trying to sleep.
  • He gave up these forms of diversion, therefore, and resolved to amass a fortune in a more regular manner.
  • I was quite content with that kind of society which forms the frontiers of fashion, and may be easily taken possession of.
  • First Greek Book; comprising an Outline of the Forms and Inflections of the Language.
  • Defer the study of the other land and water forms until later, as suggested in the Introduction.
  • The soldier's service beard, in its various forms and aspects, forms an interesting study.
  • Without warning, we found ourselves foul of a picket-line, and the vague forms of grazing horses loomed close by.
  • First let us wait a moment and recover breath, and while we are resting, we may reckon up in how many forms he has appeared.
  • It was the world that Stephen knew; life moulded in sculptural forms and encrusted with the delicate patina of tradition.
  • Various forms of matter transmit sound vibrations in varying degrees, at different specific speeds, and with different effects upon the vibrations.
  • The veils of these fairy forms flutter left and right, revealing faces whose youthful charms no eye of man has ever gazed upon.
  • Gradually, as a rule, one of these forms comes to be generally preferred, and the less customary form comes to look obsolete and is discarded.
  • In scholarly work requiring exact references, abbreviate titles that occur frequently, giving the full forms in an alphabetical list at the end.
  • The heresy of Pelagius, and the countless forms of kindred errors, would not have infested human thought.
  • The confusion of forms and faces became a perfect dream, it dazzled me dizzy, and I felt quite sick.
  • Nor will the great importance of the two dialogues be doubted by any one who forms a conception of the state of mind and opinion which they are intended to meet.
  • Hence the importance of familiarizing the mind with forms which will assist us in conceiving or expressing the complex or contrary aspects of life and nature.
  • In forms of thought which by most of us are regarded as mere categories, he saw or thought that he saw a gradual revelation of the Divine Being.
  • Many coincidences which occur in them are unconscious, seeming to show a natural tendency in the human mind towards certain ideas and forms of thought.
  • And she was so used to the forms of repression enveloping, softening the crude impulses of old humanity that she no longer believed in their existence as if it were an exploded legend.
  • It may be interesting to describe the journey of, say, a maund of rice from Siliguri to Lhassa on these various forms of transport.
  • The owner was the only person who was not in the street, for he came out from the darkness at the back where the inflated forms of wine skins hung on nails could be vaguely distinguished.

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Third-person singular simple present indicative form of form | plural of form
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