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  • Define impedance and give the formula for it.
  • The magic formula for successful prayer.
  • Formula for Use of Formalin (Formaldehyde).
  • His formula for the transmutation of metals is unintelligible to me.
  • Give formula for capacity reactance and the meaning of the symbols.
  • Invariably there is among these a formula for ferrous oxalate developer.
  • Every government has its own secret formula for this type of explosive.
  • Give the formula for the salt which phosphine forms with hydriodic acid.
  • The next point that arises is the choice of a formula for the test mix.

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  • The formula for this dressing was a secret and was the result of many chemical experiments.
  • He had, in his wanderings, obtained a formula for the manufacture of spurious brandy.
  • As in all other steps in making an argument, so in defining, there is no formula for all cases.
  • The formula for using acetic acid with the same latex works out at about 1: 1,200.
  • Mr. Douglas, with a different formula for expressing it, means practically the same thing.
  • I have dropped the 16 H's or hydrogen atoms of the formula for simplicity's sake.
  • His habit was naturally to hunt for the proper formula for each situation as it arose and to apply this formula conscientiously.
  • This ensures the cards being left at the right address, and is the correct formula for the occasion.
  • It became a formula for the expression of a fact which was embedded in his mind as a stone marking a point of departure.
  • Bacon seems to have been a believer in the transmutation of metals, and solemnly gives a formula for changing silver or copper into gold.
  • We have enough in what lies before us in the oldest form in attested documents, to show us the right formula for the equation.
  • Similarly he prefaces the introductory formula for the reign of Jehoram by inserting a cruel deed of the new king.
  • Mr. Tescheron cast a suspicious eye on the detective, who proceeded to apply his formula for suspicion.
  • I proposed an amendment yesterday, in order to obtain what I consider the most simple formula for converting local time into cosmical time.
  • There is no formula for absolute beauty, but the poet can praise the echo and reflection of it in the songs of the birds and the colours of the flowers.
  • Three things we can believe in; a formula for peace of mind in anxious days, by Fulton Oursler.
  • State and prove the formula for the sum of the first n terms of a geometric progression in which a is the first term and r the constant ratio.
  • As a very large margin of profit is indulged in by the manufacturers of baking powders, we subjoin a good formula for making the article at home at a considerable saving.
  • Using the expansion of (a + b)^n in (8), derive a formula for the rth term by observing how each term is made up, then generalizing.
  • I have since learnt that a fluid possessing the above-named detergent qualities, is to be purchased at some of the oil and colour shops, the formula for its preparation being kept a secret.
  • I have taken pains to prepare an exact formula for making the finest and best quality, and from that the worker will undoubtedly be able to work out variations in quality, according to his needs.
  • It is not the intention to treat the subject mathematically, but I will give you a simple formula for finding the amount of current if you know the resistance and the voltage.
  • We have seen that, after giving the concluding formula for the reign of Jehoshaphat, the chronicler adds a postscript narrating an incident discreditable to the king.
  • It may be found that the standard formula for sulphuric acid will not always give a perfectly clear remaining serum, even though an attempt is made daily to work to a uniform consistency for all latices.
  • When, however, we give up this one-sided ethical estimate, we shall surely be able to find a more accurate formula for the relationship of the evil to the good in human nature.
  • Aside from the glue mountant, formula for which accompanies the paper, I know no preventive except to mount the prints while dry with the dry mounting tissue.
  • Let us then have the social-service rural church if we can; but let us have the social-service rural pastor at all hazards, as the first term in the formula for solving the sociological problem of the country church.
  • But the harm had been done, as Janet said, the exotic flower had sprung up, and he had learned that the family formula for happiness could not suffice for his needs.
  • In both hemispheres painting was reduced to a formula--a formula for producing elegant furniture.
  • For years a very common formula for preservative alcohol has been ninety-five per cent alcohol diluted with one-third of its bulk of water, or, in other words, three parts of alcohol and one of water.
  • A formula for making a false statement: "As true as I lie here," said, as one fools, gives free scope to white lies.
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