Forsaking In A Sentence

Definition of Forsaking

present participle of forsake | The act by which somebody is forsaken; an abandonment.

How To Use Forsaking In A Sentence?

  • It troubles us to hear you speak of forsaking those that love you so well as we do.
  • Again they went out into the night and forsaking the crowded town sought the seaside.
  • How canst thou then consider the forsaking of one, seeking for help, as virtuous?
  • But if the master call, run to the ship, forsaking all those things, and looking not behind.
  • I feared his reason was forsaking him, and that I, in my rashness, had accelerated his doom.
  • O divinely beautiful damsel, do thou, forsaking Chyavana accept one of us for husband.
  • But what matters it!" said the Moor, sighing; "God will bless you, father, for not forsaking me.
  • We should be forsaking the lines of nature were we to imagine for a moment that the new creature was to be formed out of nothing.
  • I can hardly imagine her forsaking her friends to keep house for any man, even if she loved him with all her heart.
  • The woman at last told her husband that he must have been wrong in forsaking a religion of which her slave had told her such wonderful things.
  • A man can live long even after forsaking what is dearest to him, but he cannot do so, after abstaining from food.
  • Then she reproaches him for forsaking her, in a soft and musical voice, her eyes raining tears all the time.
  • The people answered affirmatively; it was a criminal forsaking of his post, if such a man held the word that was in him silent.
  • So strong was his pity for the little sad-eyed child that he was almost willing to die in seeking her; but all hope of finding was forsaking him.
  • He was a doctor and an herbalist; but, forsaking all other worldly interests, he has offered and devoted himself to the service of the hospital.
  • Queens that seem bent on departing to the woods, may be confined in the same way, until the colony has given up all thoughts of forsaking its hive.
  • Having in the presence of witnesses taken himself for better or worse, he must, forsaking all others, cleave to that alone.
  • There are on record examples of men who, forsaking marriage and the administration of the Commonwealth, have hid themselves in monasteries.
  • His misfortune has been that in forsaking the Conservatives he has failed to win the entire confidence of the Liberals.
  • By forsaking the communion of the Roman church organization he severed his soul from Christ and became an apostate.
  • Thus both being now Thine, were building the tower at the necessary cost, the forsaking all that they had, and following Thee.
  • Knowing that she needed not to hold herself responsible to him or any other, she yet feared lest a kind of indefinable injustice had been done by forsaking so loyal a friend.
  • God himself is breaking down the barriers that divide, and in response to his call the redeemed are forsaking human sects and creeds, and their hearts are flowing together.
  • At length after lamenting long and piteously, Nala stupefied and bereft of sense by Kali went away, forsaking that sleeping wife of his.
  • For, strange to say, though I never carried a gun, he always followed me, forsaking the hunter and even his master to share my wanderings.
  • That point is reached when large numbers of species, forsaking the normal routine of existence to which they have been accustomed for some months, suddenly adopt a radical change in their mode of behaviour.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Forsaking | Forsaking Sentence

  • Already his senses were forsaking him.
  • Lenz felt his strength forsaking him.
  • He did so, without forsaking his own purpose.
  • For why do they follow vices, forsaking virtues?
  • But luck deserted us on forsaking our own dear old ship.
  • He will, no doubt, shortly be forsaking us for literature.
  • Till thou, forsaking dust, mightst capture her.
  • David gave his brother infinite credit for forsaking Mme.
  • Never, oh, never Forsaking me.
  • Is it not worth forsaking this world to inherit a kingdom like that?
  • Therefore, to marry might be tantamount to forsaking her friends.
  • To put forth unification as a substitute for unity was forsaking unity.
  • I listened to this wild, stem vow, fearing that his reason was forsaking him.
  • King Richard taunts God with forsaking him: "O fie!

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