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  • All their charity forsook them at once.
  • But my power forsook me.
  • And lions forsook their dens.
  • That impression never forsook me!
  • On this occasion all my wariness forsook me.
  • He forsook her and two children.
  • Scholars forsook the mission schools.
  • Most of his old friends forsook him.
  • He never forsook those to please anybody.
  • His usual prescience and prudence forsook him.
  • One or two of the servants likewise forsook him.
  • Much of his color forsook him and he retreated in alarm.
  • He forsook music and devoted himself to drawing and botany.
  • She forsook the moonlit vista and crept into bed.
  • The parson looked at him, and the colour forsook his cheek.
  • He forsook all and followed Christ.
  • But, on opening the door, all power to enter forsook him.
  • It was in vain; his strength, at last, forsook him.
  • More than once she has told me that courage quite forsook her.
  • Her playfulness and pleasure in the game of courtliness forsook her.
  • He saw ghosts at night and his sleep almost entirely forsook him.
  • At my first answer no man stood by me, but all men forsook me.
  • And again, as on that occasion, suddenly my strength forsook me.
  • The bright color forsook her cheek, which became perfectly white.
  • Sleep forsook the unfortunate men, and their eyes grew wild and haggard.
  • She spoke not, she wept not: even the wonted smile forsook her lips.
  • I forsook my native land and wrote her I would release her from her vow.

How To Use Forsook In A Sentence?

  • He forsook the monuments and turned his skill to the fortification of the city.
  • In the presence of this imminent danger his coolness never forsook him for an instant.
  • Women clothed themselves in the simplest garb and forsook such vanities as wigs and rouge-pots.
  • Happily his recollection forsook him, and he became unconscious of future suffering.
  • Gray was no coward, but the blood forsook his cheek and his knees trembled under him.
  • He immediately forsook the pursuit of arms, and betook himself barefooted to a pilgrimage.
  • Because she could share her perplexity with no one, her habitual repose of manner forsook her.
  • But the die was cast; he forsook everything for principle and the stern duty it entailed.
  • And when they had brought their boats to land, they forsook all they had and followed Christ.
  • So amazed was Beldi by this apparition, that for the moment the power of speech forsook him.
  • As for Houssain, he forsook not the life of a holy man living in the wilderness.
  • And when my mother forsook her country, the old nurse, not old then, left all to go with her.
  • When I pondered on this with regret, the thoughts of my late deliverance forsook me.

Definition of Forsook

simple past tense of forsake
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