Fort In A Sentence

How To Use Fort In A Sentence?

  • Je devins fort et intelligent.
  • Just now the fort was a scene of ceaseless animation.
  • Il hantait fort les coulisses.
  • This fort hath no man to defend.
  • Je les imagine fort justement.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fort | Fort Sentence

  • Regular fort up there.
  • And a real fort it was.
  • They are all at the fort or on the bank below.
  • The fort there can stay.
  • Bruxelles fort tranquille.
  • Fort after fort went down.
  • Esteu fort abastament?
  • All the men in the fort were doing it.
  • Je me montrai fort surprise.
  • Cela est fort vraisemblable!
  • Little by little the fort yielded.
  • This fort commanded that river.
  • Elle était fort simple.
  • Those in the fort could not understand this.
  • The centre fort was the strongest.
  • So by night the fort was in ruins.
  • The guns of the fort frightened it.
  • But the defenses of the fort were too strong.
  • Et fort bien ordonnée.
  • The fort was ringed with fire.
  • Open the fort gate wide!
  • Ils reviennent fort exactement.
  • The fort replied by a cannon.
  • Moreover the fort had never been completed.
  • But you will have to endure this fort a while longer.
  • The fort was feebly garrisoned.
  • The fort was some distance from the shore.
  • Und so fort und fort!
  • Boats put out both from the fort and the shore.
  • At length the fort was reached.
  • Les mariages y sont fort chastes.
  • Dit une abeille fort prudente.
  • Er fuhr fort zu singen.
  • Leur ceinture est fort large.
  • It was to reconnoiter the fort that the party now set out.

Definition of Fort

To create a fort, fortifications, a strong point, or a redoubt. | A fortified defensive structure stationed with troops. | Any permanent army post.
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