Fortieth in a sentence

Definition of Fortieth

The ordinal form of the number forty. | The person or thing in the fortieth position. | One of forty equal parts of a whole.

Short Example Sentence for Fortieth

  • 1. My fortieth birthday is upon me.
  • 2. When the fortieth had passed him he raised his hand.
  • 3. In family worship I read the fortieth chapter of Isaiah.
  • 4. Death in Fortieth Street, by Phyllis McGinley.
  • 5. Then the ninny must needs go and open that fatal fortieth door!
  • 6. It was on the banks of the Delaware, near the fortieth degree of latitude.
  • 7. Again he threw the great machine around the corner and into Fortieth Street.

How to use Fortieth in a Sentence?

  • 1. Thackeray had passed his fortieth year before he produced his magnificent novel.
  • 2. He liked birds but he wanted to be getting on to that fortieth door and this was slow progress.
  • 3. He caused some pain in an outburst of anger in the fortieth year of his former life.
  • 4. Very few athletes, we are told, come from south of the fortieth parallel of latitude.
  • 5. Miss Marion looked as if she had passed her fortieth birthday when she spoke in this wise.
  • 6. It may normally occur, however, at any time between the fortieth and fiftieth year.
  • 7. San Francisco is just south of the fortieth parallel, while Naples is just north of it.
  • 8. By this plan the German army was to reach Paris on the fortieth day after mobilization.
  • 9. There are cases on record when it has occurred earlier than the fortieth and later than the fiftieth year.
  • 10. His fortieth year was only completed in 1473, and he was by no means ready to range himself as an ancestor.
  • 11. The morning of the fortieth dawned, and the young man when he woke gave thanks in an outburst of joy that the danger was passed.
  • 12. This lecturing, as I explained to the financier, is rather a hazardous experiment after a man has passed his fortieth year.
  • 13. Out of forty white men thirty-nine, at least, will have canes, and on Sunday the fortieth will have one also.
  • 14. Meanwhile the sultan was in his palace waiting till the fortieth day should dawn, and wondering that not one spadeful of earth should have been dug out of the hill.
  • 15. Astyages sent Cyrus to arrange everything with Onaphernes, bidding him be back again in Ecbatana on the fortieth day.
  • 16. The fortieth Anniversary of the Independence of Venezuela was celebrated at Caraccas with great enthusiasm.
  • 17. Possessing himself of some high ground, he sent his wagons back to Princeton and ordered the Fortieth Regiment to come out to his assistance.
  • 18. An old half-jesting prophecy of his among his friends, that he would not pass his fortieth year, rose upon his recollection without casting a shadow.
  • 19. His fortieth year was written on his complexion and presence: it was the fortieth of a giant growth that will bend at the past eightieth as little as the rock-pine, should there come no uprooting tempest.