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  • Here was a fortuitous course of circumstances!
  • It appeared a wholly fortuitous choice.
  • He regards himself as a fortuitous concourse of ideas.
  • They are fortuitous helpers; they are never called in.
  • There is no shelter save behind great fortuitous rocks.
  • There is nothing fortuitous or mysterious in inventive energy.
  • On the way he stopped a moment at a fortuitous knothole in the board wall.
  • The same fortuitous event passes by millions of men without exciting anything.
  • It was, as subsequent events proved, a most fortuitous choice.
  • So much for the external, fortuitous factor; its role is clear.

How To Use Fortuitous In A Sentence?

  • Suddenly the good lady retired to her room, with a violent and fortuitous headache.
  • Could it be that an evasion had been planned and interrupted by the fortuitous visit of the burglars?
  • Surtaine found himself supporting the weight of a fortuitous citizen who had just made his way up the aisle.
  • I could in no wise account for them on the hypothesis of a fortuitous concourse of unintelligent atoms.
  • To this fortuitous combination of melody and musical learning we owe the greatest achievements in the art of music.
  • These movements are not in fortuitous or chaotic ways, but are doubtless in accordance with some perfect plan.
  • He had no idea that the marks had any particular signification, or were anything else but common and fortuitous ones.
  • Are the results so distant that you delay the preparation in the hope that fortuitous good luck may make it unnecessary?
  • Shall we say also that there are fortuitous factors, historical causes that are not contained in any logic of human desires?
  • Exposed to fortuitous hazards, he must be able to modify his tactics within the limits of his modest discernment.
  • Exposed to fortuitous hazards, he must be able to modify his tactics within the limits of his modest perceptions.
  • Such a fortuitous relation would be severed in the shortest possible time, completely and irremediably severed.
  • The fortuitous plays a part in retarding or hastening a species, and in its extinction, but not in its origin.
  • The description given by the scryer then may come right by a fortuitous coincidence, or may be too credulously recognised.
  • In a way, their meeting the next morning was fortuitous enough, yet it had also its significance for both of them.
  • If a construction of this sort is a fortuitous result, we must admit that blind chance is gifted with extraordinary powers of foresight.
  • A crowd that has met for no purpose, and is a mere fortuitous concourse of atoms, can do neither good nor harm.
  • We feel that the play of character upon character is enough, without fortuitous circumstances of this sort ...
  • Such fortuitous and ephemeral groups apart, all others may be classed in the two great divisions of natural and artificial groups.
  • The fortuitous support of a few bits of stubble, of a few interlaced twigs, so common in the fields, cannot put them off.
  • The outcome of mine was most fortuitous and with success behind me I found my road very different indeed.
  • If by some fortuitous chance you happened to hit upon an article she thought she might happen to need, and it suited her, she would buy it.
  • Most persons, however, allow the senses to remain uneducated, except as they may be cultivated by fortuitous circumstances.
  • The fortuitous support of a few bits of stubble, of a few interlaced brambles, a thing so common in the fields, should not be able to baffle them.
  • There was, however, one circumstance, a purely fortuitous one, and which need not now be mentioned, which aroused my suspicions.
  • The real question is, Do such events occur among lower and higher races, beyond explanation by fraud and fortuitous coincidence?
  • The first hours of the battle were spent in fortuitous encounters along the extensive chain of hillocks which La Marmora had intended to occupy.
  • Another fortuitous gift to Jamaica, so far as human intention is concerned, was the invaluable donation of the Guinea grass.
  • Other parallels are fortuitous and fanciful, yet these have sometimes been extended to many particulars of resemblance by a lucky concurrence of diligence and chance.
  • In this respect such an association is at the opposite end of the scale from the fortuitous crowd, which owes its existence to the accidents of time and place merely.

Definition of Fortuitous

Happening by chance; coincidental, accidental. | Happening by a lucky chance; lucky or fortunate. | (law) Happening independently of human will.
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