Fought In A Sentence

Definition of Fought

simple past tense and past participle of fight

How To Use Fought In A Sentence?

  • Men fought like spirits, impetuous, invincible, as if they had cast off flesh and blood.
  • The Mexicans fought with dogged courage, however they may be judged from the events of the war.
  • I fought at Ypres, but I think that it was something of the courage of despair, of black misery.
  • If he had fought at Brown's Springs he would have had five men to Guitar's one.
  • I am a Daughter of the Revolution and my father fought all through the Civil War as a sutler.
  • The reference is to Samuel G. Howe, who fought as a young man for the independence of Greece.
  • The last battle in which Nelson was engaged was fought off Cape Trafalgar, October 21, 1805.
  • After his fifth horse was shot he fought on foot until forced from the field by the rush of fugitives.
  • They had fought valiantly for the crown, and now expected that the king should do something for them in return.
  • She had fought like a tiger when the patrol wagon came for her, and he had been the one to hold her feet as she was carried to it.
  • Thereafter we were buffeted like chips in the swirling maw of a whirlpool; we fought our way rod by rod.
  • The guerrillas displayed a bravery they seldom showed when engaged with regular troops, and fought with determination and ferocity.
  • Those who had advocated the use of kid gloves against an enemy which fought with brass knuckles and poison found their views sensibly less popular.
  • All the way down to Margate we schemed defences and assailed and fought them as we came back against the sunset.
  • He loved the Union for which his father and family in the previous century had fought so hard and done so much.
  • A large gun boomed forth the signal for the onset; and as great a battle was fought as the memory of man ever heard of.
  • The nation had educated him for military service, and though he had fought with honor through one war, he did not regard the debt as paid.
  • The calf writhed and struggled to escape, and as he fought against it Bowles caught the stench of burning hair.
  • Sixty years ago, in modest crinolines, she might have made history; and duels would probably have been fought for her favour.
  • With his teeth grinding, Wallie fought it in desperation, trying to give the twist that drops the animal.
  • He was driving the fiery grays, and they fought gamely against the delay, but he pulled them down to a walk while he handed Bowles a note.
  • Today a battle has been fought hard by the city of Orleans, and the arms of the French have suffered disaster and disgrace.
  • Division bitterer than that war in which he had fought lay between them, the division that had embittered his life and made him an exile from his people.
  • In due time he took his place at the head of the Army of the Potomac, and fought some of the most terrible battles of the war.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fought | Fought Sentence

  • Therefore they fought the light.
  • They fought their way down to the beach.
  • Already the troops had marched far and fought hotly.
  • Followed him, and fought for him, too.
  • Oh, how we fought around her that day!
  • He fought like a bulldog, without noise.
  • But of these Joan fought a little shy.
  • The Maid had fought her first battle, and had triumphed.
  • They fought for Grecian independence under Marco Bozzaris.
  • They fought with great valour and suffered considerable losses.
  • It seemed that even the leaders fought shy of dinner-parties.
  • Taking advantage of the wind, the enemy fought at her own distance.
  • Joan fought her way quite rudely out of this embrace, feeling suffocated.
  • But though the red men fought gallantly, they were doomed to defeat.
  • The Spaniards were suffering terribly and fought with courage and desperation.
  • The combatants, who fought with swords, were in position at ten o'clock.

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