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  • She had foundered perhaps at noon.
  • It is said she foundered shortly afterwards.
  • The ice broke up behind him and foundered like navies.
  • Ships foundered off the coast of Norway with tons of mail.
  • It was eight at night before I pulled up on my foundered mount at home.
  • Evidently Larry was riding at a pace which probably meant a foundered horse.
  • Years passed, and the Empire foundered amid terrible disaster.
  • If so, the French and English frigates must have foundered before my eyes!

How To Use Foundered In A Sentence?

  • The most dashing horseman would have to halt, if his steed foundered beneath him.
  • But the puir lad was sae dazed and foundered that frae the first he had nae chance.
  • Some of them foundered at their anchors, others parted their cables, and were driven on the reefs.
  • His vessel foundered in a gale, and all hands were lost but this gentleman, his mate, and a negro.
  • Her fleet consisted of three ships, but two foundered before Ireland was reached.
  • For the rest I dimly see the forms of foundered ships on the sea-floor strewn with crowns.
  • Under the foundered van the tinkers fumbled, Fishing the splitted truss with wedge and chain.
  • The men were busy with the foundered van, The showman stood apart, a beaten man.
  • Just as soon as it was launched upon the sea, it was overtaken by a storm so severe that it foundered and was lost.
  • The caravels were hardly kept afloat until this haven was reached, and foundered in port before their cargoes were landed.
  • He weren't no horse-doctor, but he could fix up a foundered horse in a night as good as new.
  • In ghastly mystification, the two watchers stared at the last weird gleams that marked the foundered schooner.
  • Even this small burst of speed caused the amphibian to bury its nose in the combers; and all but foundered her under a torrent of sea water.
  • We hit an iceberg, as you may remember, in the middle of the night, and the ship foundered in under twenty minutes.
  • The good ship foundered two years ago last Christmastide, and father was foundered at the same time.
  • Prendergast threw us over a chart, told us that we were shipwrecked mariners whose ship had foundered in Lat.
  • All the straining and strammashing she has gone through would have foundered some score of fine boats, but she is a good one, aye, a grand one.
  • It was doubtless the person whose boat had foundered in the water, and I ordered him to be taken to the villa and carefully attended to.
  • It doubtless foundered off Cape Hatteras in the severe gale which sprang up soon after the vessel had left the harbor.
  • American naval officers were placed in command, but she was in bad condition, and foundered in a gale near Cape Fear.
  • At first we imagined that it was several casks floating, which had been thrown overboard, or had forced their way out of the hold of some vessel which had foundered at sea.
  • Down below there was such a storm, it threw down long tracts of wood and many houses, and when it swept over the great sea, ships foundered by hundreds.
  • That was on the 20th of April 1854, and that is the last ever known in good sooth of the "Bella," except as a foundered vessel.
  • The ship had foundered quite near to the other side of the island, and including a little excursion to see if the first boat were still above water, he expected to be back very shortly.

Definition of Foundered

simple past tense and past participle of founder
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