Four Times In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Four Times | Four Times Sentence

  • Four times this was repeated.
  • Four times they called.
  • So they called four times.
  • It was offered four times.
  • And this happened four times.
  • I kissed her four times.
  • So they called four times to him.
  • So they called four times.
  • So they called four times.
  • So they called four times.
  • Four times they dance about the lodge.
  • I repeated that scene with her four times.
  • I had dressed and undressed four times.
  • The wolf howled four times.
  • I have fought the men four times.
  • The cups had been four times filled.
  • This was repeated three or four times.
  • The case was tried four times.
  • They should be used three or four times a day.
  • I never tired of the four times a day.
  • Her conductor knocked on the door four times.
  • Almost everything is done four times before finished.
  • Had to change ships four times to get here.
  • I know a girl who tried it four times.
  • Inject three or four times a day after urinating.
  • Some words had been altered three and four times.
  • If not four times it was at least as many as three.
  • After trying three or four times he got one.
  • Before long four times that height gave no such immunity.
  • Johnny slapped three or four times at the imaginary fly.
  • It will be worth four times its real value in a few years.
  • He dined out four times the week we came away.
  • There it came to a halt and its horn squawked four times.
  • She changes her dress four times in the course of the play.
  • It is sometimes prescribed three or four times a day.

How To Use Four Times In A Sentence?

  • This treatment may be repeated three or four times a day.
  • They should be baked three or four times, and very gently.
  • The detective was "out" all four times.
  • The other three fight twenty-four times a day unscathed.
  • Four times, the big screen failed to respond.

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