Four Weeks In A Sentence

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  • They had been engaged for four weeks.
  • I was out of my head for four weeks.
  • Ise been free or four weeks.
  • Four weeks passed before the general was again himself.
  • And the wedding was to be in four weeks from this day.
  • So it went on for three or four weeks.
  • The relation had endured just four weeks.
  • There were still four weeks before the concert.
  • For four weeks he lay thus.
  • The wax should be bleached in about four weeks.
  • That is almost four weeks later than most other varieties.
  • I shall be in town in three or four weeks.
  • And it might end in three or four weeks!
  • The last evening of my four weeks was drawing to a close.
  • I may tell you that we are likely to stay here four weeks.
  • And in these crowded four weeks, what had she learned?
  • I never enjoyed better sleep than in those four weeks.
  • When he was four weeks old, he was fatherless.
  • Now, four weeks in heaven is a very brief period.
  • Some four weeks later, these birds began to build.
  • No school for four weeks, and going home to-morrow!
  • Four weeks later a second action was fought at Tamai.
  • Oh, what I have learned in the last three or four weeks!
  • Four weeks' holiday in the year.
  • Rachel had been advised to stay here for four weeks at least.
  • We've been here only three or four weeks.
  • He has happily quite recovered after being about four weeks in hospital.
  • Well, that's four weeks off.
  • I made intimate acquaintance with them for the next four weeks.
  • Meat intended for smoking should remain in pickle about four weeks.
  • How full and real every minute of those four weeks had been!
  • For four weeks only a couple of words have been running in my head.
  • The greatest increase in dimensions of the body is in the first four weeks.
  • Four weeks to nine or twelve weeks elapsed between mailing and receiving.
  • It was every day for four weeks that this system of roguery was carried out.
  • His appetite was always good up to his last sickness of four weeks.
  • All the grafting had to be postponed from two to four weeks later than normal.

How To Use Four Weeks In A Sentence?

  • She had been verging towards the resolution she now took for three or four weeks.
  • It listed the depredations committed during four weeks with a result that was startling.
  • The terrible excitement of the last four weeks was beginning to have its effect.
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