Fourfold In A Sentence

Definition of Fourfold

four times as great; quadruple | to increase to four times as much; to multiply by four | (mathematics) An algebraic variety of degree 4.

How To Use Fourfold In A Sentence?

  • Show that there is a fourfold infinity of circles in space that pass through a fixed point.
  • Use fourfold Germantown zephyr and a pair of No. 5 needles, with one pair two sizes smaller.
  • The effect of their proceedings now was to increase their revenue fourfold and fivefold out of public calamity and universal misery.
  • It was the truth, but it was the truth reinforced, given a fourfold strength by her own unwillingness.
  • Four-square they stand, those towers, and fourfold the gates that open to the denizens of other earths.
  • Then follows a fourfold description of distressing events on earth, which are caused by fiery influences coming out of the heavens.
  • And the fourfold heaven is kindled with his thunder, And the stars about his forehead are fourscore.
  • The production of textiles by machinery has increased fourfold in ten years, and now amounts to about $40,000,000 annually.
  • All the seals of silence sealed of night are broken, All the winds that bear the fourfold word are blest.
  • The meaning of the fourfold distribution is readily understood as soon as we apprehend the theory which severed the Obligation from the Convention.
  • Where it gleams forth in fourfold rays, where the fragrant yellow flowers bud, there live the Mexicans, the youths.
  • But every symbol has a threefold or fourfold interpretation and the nature of the enquiry or purpose for which the vision is sought will indicate the particular meaning conveyed.
  • Is not our knowledge of this fourfold order in its principles, in those relations of its phenomena which constitute its laws, of the highest importance of anything of human concern?
  • As there is a fourfold infinity of parabolas in the plane, and only a twofold infinity of straight lines, there must be some restriction on the parabolas obtained by this method.
  • Of these, the first in point of strength is the arc-light, which is too strong for ordinary negatives to be enlarged not more than fourfold on ordinary bromide paper.
  • If there is a fourfold infinity of lines in space, why is it that there is not a fourfold infinity of planes through a point, seeing that each line in space determines a plane through that point?
  • In this machine, therefore, the fourfold processes of combination, attenuation, twisting and winding are effected consecutively and continuously.
  • The fivefold order is no more "affirmed in our time by natural science" to be "a demonstrated conclusion and established fact" than the fourfold order was.
  • These farms must be made to yield fourfold their present product, or they will fall short, not only of the demands made upon them, but also of their possibilities.
  • Now marshal your archers in a fourfold line in such fashion that at the first break of dawn they can take cover behind the rocks and shoot, every man of them without piercing his fellow.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fourfold | Fourfold Sentence

  • For Shakespeare in your threefold, fourfold tomb.
  • But instead of being fourfold every way, it numbered the mystic Three.

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