Fourteen In A Sentence

Definition of Fourteen

The cardinal number occurring after thirteen and before fifteen, represented in Roman numerals as XIV and in Arabic numerals as 14.

How To Use Fourteen In A Sentence?

  • At fourteen most of them left public school.
  • There are now fourteen sisters in the deaconess house.
  • I sold the watch for fourteen dollars.
  • Sneezing was not imitated till after fourteen months.
  • It cost fourteen dollars complete.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fourteen | Fourteen Sentence

  • There were fourteen of them.
  • She was about fourteen then.
  • About fourteen lines.
  • There were fourteen traps.
  • There were fourteen of the disintegrators.
  • She is thirteen or fourteen at most.
  • That is about fourteen years from now.
  • Finished off in about fourteen months.
  • At fourteen he was apprenticed to an engraver.
  • Papa has been dead fourteen years.
  • They stood out for some fourteen months.
  • There were fourteen of them running in the moonlight.
  • Distance today fourteen miles.
  • Distance fourteen and a quarter miles.
  • That was fourteen miles away.
  • Three hundred and fourteen pounds.
  • He had slept over fourteen hours.
  • I wrote fourteen dollars.
  • He was only fourteen years old.
  • But this is fourteen years after the deluge.
  • There were about fourteen thousand men in each.
  • Haug has worked out all the fourteen names.
  • With fourteen coloured engravings.
  • Rau was then fourteen years old.
  • Nearly fourteen miles of track were destroyed.
  • Look at it for yourselves, for fourteen shillings!
  • Hindman admitted a loss of fourteen hundred.
  • And there are twelve hatched out of the fourteen eggs!
  • And then came a dinner of about fourteen courses.
  • Of fourteen only one succeeded in escaping.
  • There was only us fourteen there last night.
  • Who wants to live fourteen years from now?
  • Rights to print were granted for fourteen years.
  • One officer on the train has fourteen wounds.
  • The fight was fourteen hours long.

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