Fractious In A Sentence

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  • The chauffeur here is a fractious idiot.
  • Another account charges the breakage to a fractious team.
  • Never had he seen Theodora in a more fractious mood.
  • His voice had a fractious tone, as if he combated an unseen tyrant.
  • Now and then Dil had to leave off and comfort the fractious babies.

How To Use Fractious In A Sentence?

  • Some horses are made fractious by having the check-rein so tight as to weary the muscles.
  • This was risky work on a fractious pony, and some of the riders preferred wading to riding.
  • There's a tray for each, of course; but a ball dress is such a fractious thing.
  • O fractious eddies of the brandish'd tongue, Such words as in no law-court ever rung.
  • Now he was elderly and lived alone, save for a fractious old man-servant, in a straggling old moss-covered house, or group of houses.
  • For my own part I but faintly remember him, he having been killed by a fractious horse when I was a very small boy.
  • His tone was grave; indeed, too much like reproof to a fractious child to suit Beatrice's pride.
  • Oh, I remember, you saved the life of an old woman, who would have been trampled to death by a span of fractious horses.
  • He apt to be mighty fractious sometimes, and maybe he cuss you when you try to 'suade him but he need somebody what understand him to be 'round wid him.
  • Suddenly a fractious horse jerked away from the man who had been standing at its head holding it, and whirling short about, half-overturned the wagon to which it was hitched and raced wildly down the street.

Definition of Fractious

given to troublemaking | irritable; argumentative; quarrelsome
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