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  • In loveliness more fragile than a rhyme.
  • This time it was a fragile affair of lawn and lace.
  • The life of this fragile girl lay in his hands.
  • No; the material was too fragile for a knife-handle.
  • The more fragile pitcher is not so soon broken at the fountain.
  • Who wants a thing as fragile and as lovely as you are to make a home!
  • Deane found himself patting her fragile hand with his strong fingers.
  • She's far too thin and pale and fragile looking.
  • Some ideas are as fragile as butterflies, whom to handle is to destroy.
  • He held her across his broad chest as if her fragile weight were nothing.
  • It was a fragile appearing lacery of bridges, winking dots of light.
  • She looked as fair and fragile as a peri, and as free from mortal cares.
  • And wherewith she doth induce Men to trust a fragile truce.
  • Their fire consumed them, and left their bodies ashen white, fragile as ashes.
  • Who slipped her fragile cables, And blew to sea too soon.

How To Use Fragile In A Sentence?

  • The slim, fragile body was informed with power by the splendid brain which animated it.
  • Every word she spoke seemed to cost the pale, fragile lady superhuman exertion.
  • To sit within the shadow of a rose, And strum and sing your every fragile tune.
  • There it is on the table, in a glass flask, brittle as virtue, light as sin, and fragile as folly.
  • A passionate impulse seized her to fight for what she wanted, to grasp the fragile opportunity before it eluded her.
  • It is a thing so trivial and fragile that the mind refuses to regard it as the equivalent of lands and houses and solid bullion.
  • She had grown so fragile that her bones almost pierced her skin, and her face was the face of a ghost.
  • Shall these fragile centres be permitted to rest when overwork has made them sick, or is there any other rational means for their recovery?
  • Her deep mourning seems only to enhance her fragile beauty, and to render more observable the grace of her slender form.
  • The boy commenced the work, but at the first stroke his fragile pick and spade broke into a thousand fragments.
  • There were treasures of rarest old china and delfware, and curious old carved stands for fragile dishes.
  • Pathema turned to leave the arena, but the tension and turmoil and reaction were now telling fast upon her fragile frame.
  • Many of the machines, especially the early ones, were made of such fragile material that they could not be preserved in the rocks.
  • But no; the hills are covered with the fragile poplars and birches and spruces, with never an oak or hickory among them.
  • Mrs. Maurice leaned back in her chair and sighed as she looked down at the fragile child beside her.
  • Michael looked down at her fragile loveliness with a softened appreciation, as one looks at the tender precious things of life that need protection.
  • Those fragile fairy creatures whose housetop is the sky; wakened by golden dawn; for whom the silver moon sings lullaby.
  • For he saw suddenly that he was looking upon something deathless and imperishable, yet fragile and fleeting as the breath of time....
  • Vernon noted that Amelia seemed to him more dainty, more fragile than she had ever been before, and his heart surged out toward her.
  • The U-boat was of such a fragile nature that it could never afford to engage in a combat in which it stood much chance of getting hit.
  • Julia looked a moment anxiously at this fragile girl, whose tiny head was poised on a long, delicate neck like a fruit on its stem.
  • On this uncle's knee sat a fairy fragile little maiden, the boy's sister, and some two years his senior.
  • I hope to have another officer or two in a few days, as more now devolves on poor Mac than his fragile frame can well stand.
  • But when you propose to claw each other in my study, in the midst of a hundred fragile and priceless ornaments, I lodge a protest.
  • This proud and fragile beauty found in Romney, son of a cabinet-maker, the man who could perfectly interpret her exquisiteness.

Definition of Fragile

Easily broken or destroyed, and thus often of subtle or intricate structure. | (Britain) Feeling weak or easily disturbed as a result of illness.
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