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  • The fragility of her appearance had always struck strangers.

How To Use Fragility In A Sentence?

  • She believed that her fragility had been reinforced by one stronger than herself.
  • The first was the fragility of the plaster surface upon which it was displayed.
  • She was so dainty in her fragility that one longed and yet scarcely dared to touch her.
  • This was another instance of the fragility of human arrangements, and the vanity of human hopes.
  • Her little waist and little black-stockinged calves showed how delicately fragile she was; but the fragility was of mould only.
  • She produced, I thought, an impressive effect of fragility and power in her contrast with that massive table.
  • The bizarre contrast between her dark eyelashes and her fair hair seemed to find some kind of echo in the combination of health and fragility that she expressed in her movements.
  • He was a piteous, engaging child, generally very docile, but liable at times to storms of temper out of all proportion to the fragility of his small person.

Definition of Fragility

The condition or quality of being fragile; brittleness; frangibility. | Weakness; feebleness. | (obsolete) Liability to error and sin; frailty.
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