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  • The bones are the framework of the system.
  • What bones form the framework of the nose?
  • At midnight its glittering framework stands erect.
  • A moment afterwards the wooden framework yielded with a crash.
  • They consisted of a framework on which was fitted a woven covering of reeds.
  • Its framework was covered with heavy skins instead of woven branches.
  • These four tied poles formed the true framework of the tent.
  • The framework of the North Carolina proclamation was furnished by Mr. Stanton.

How To Use Framework In A Sentence?

  • Our illustration shows a portion of the simulated framework which incloses the picture.
  • To them he becomes pledged by such vows as need no utterance or framework in ordinary words.
  • It was hung by invisible cords to the framework of the conservatory, and thence depended.
  • Make a framework for front and side walls, and see if you can make it into a warm hut.
  • A rigid framework of aluminium, a number of drum-shaped gas bags, and a thin outer cover.
  • The gentle salience of these buttresses forms a framework for the statues (see Fig.
  • It gave a lead, however, and a framework on which the Vigilance Committee of 1856 was built.
  • And thus her framework waxed like iron; I trust 'Twas ne'er assailed or undermined by rust.
  • There were divans and a little taboret or two and a framework where an awning could be raised against the sun.
  • We have seen on page 47 that the brief is in essence a statement of the logical framework of your argument.
  • So she cut long poles and braced them under the roof so as to make a framework for front and side walls.
  • The starches contain no nitrogen except a mere trace in the framework of the grains or roots they grow in.
  • Philo belongs, and the framework of his teaching or the ingenuity by which he develops it from his text is of small account.
  • The embryo begins to show a fibrous development, which is the beginning of the framework of a new sponge.
  • The landscapes are somewhat artificial, and really are used as framework for the animal life he loved to introduce.
  • True, its framework is very complicated, but the organs for sustaining the life of the animal are the simplest possible.
  • His architecture has become a mere framework for the setting of delicate sculpture, which had better be all taken down and put into cabinets.
  • At the same time, each joint in the framework of the reasoning has been laid bare, so that no weak place can escape detection.
  • Even if it is just the framework for a much more substantial future version, it is based on a fundamentally flawed vision of push-button politics.
  • Only the iron framework of this factory remained; the ashes had commenced to smoke, giving forth flames from time to time.
  • We now made a framework litter of slender poles, and, placing our king on it, we lifted him tenderly on our shoulders.
  • Embellished in old oak incrusted with gold, their walls are covered with antique tapestries set in huge oak framework with margins thick with gold.
  • The attempt to fit the parliamentary system into the framework of the American Constitution had failed.
  • The life, the ideals of the great poet, set in the splendid framework of the great hills, seemed so majestic and admirable a thing.
  • The cart itself is very trim and smart, with a framework sort of head, which falls back at pleasure, and it holds four people easily.
  • Near the church-door was a framework of three cross-poles, and from this were suspended, by straw ropes, two large stones of sonorous qualities.
  • I was greatly impressed with this fact one morning as I stood watching the workmen erecting the steel framework for a tall office building.
  • Constructed on the plan of the German Zeppelin, its envelope has an inner wooden framework which holds it in place.
  • He takes matter and binds it into the four elements, and these elements he builds into the empty framework of the World-Soul.
  • We picked the poor framework up, and carried it to the fire; it weighed, I suppose, about five stone.
  • Upon these grounds we should be justified in concluding that number is an extremely important aspect of things, and forms a fundamental pad of the framework of the world.
  • But all minds who have felt the lift and beauty of these compositions have acknowledged how far they soar above words and creeds, and the picturesque framework of a liturgy.

Definition of Framework

(literally) A support structure comprising joined parts or conglomerated particles and intervening open spaces of similar or larger size. | (literally) The arrangement of support beams that represent a building's general shape and size. | (figuratively) The larger branches of a tree that determine its shape.
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