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  • Frankie was looking astonishedly at her.
  • Frankie knew she was not an intruder.
  • Frankie was beginning to weaken.
  • Frankie looked dubious over that proposition.
  • Frankie stopped as though she had been shot.
  • Frankie was rather silent and downcast.
  • Frankie had been paying better attention.
  • Frankie was also notified of the rigid resolve.
  • Frankie was not free from signs of lamentation, either.
  • There was no word from Frankie.
  • Charlie danced it with Frankie.
  • Frankie Arling blushed.
  • Would Frankie wait such an age for him?
  • An idea occurred to Frankie.
  • Frankie and I both made an effort to catch it.
  • Frankie Arling was in the other day, and asked about you.
  • Poor little Frankie....
  • Evan even rallied Frankie on certain personal matters.
  • Take me away from her, Frankie, darlint!
  • It might be for Frankie Taliaferro.
  • What would Lou and Frankie think?
  • Yes, and Frankie Arling!
  • The reply Evan sent Frankie was busy.
  • I had to invite him when I found that Frankie could come.
  • The Bonehead also sat there, with his arms around Frankie.
  • Frankie Arling and Sister Lou ran up to him.
  • Frankie and Perry, like the Past, were gone into eclipse.
  • The chap who stepped in with Frankie was Porter Perry.
  • Frankie declared.
  • Frankie observed.
  • Frankie swallowed something in her throat as she read her letter.
  • Frankie regarded him with a smile in which considerable admiration shone.
  • Wouldn't Frankie be proud of him!
  • Frankie distracted Evan's attention.
  • I don't even love Frankie that way.
  • Front-Page Frankie.
  • Evan enjoyed himself so well he forgot to write Frankie her weekly letter.
  • After church Frankie found it difficult to elicit cheerful words from him.
  • That was a matter for Frankie to decide, and apparently she had decided.

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  • Frankie was a girl of seventeen and as romantic as those young creatures are made.
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