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  • Jeremy frankly adored it.
  • And now we were frankly arguing with each other.
  • This book is frankly polemical.
  • She told herself frankly that she missed him.
  • They were frankly rejoiced at his failure.
  • Dayton frankly detested these topics.
  • It is frankly a modern love story.
  • Joan stood still and frankly listened.
  • Smith stared after him, frankly astonished.
  • As he frankly admitted, it was his own composition.
  • Off his horse, the cow-boy is frankly awkward.
  • Captain Scraggs was frankly mystified.
  • We were frankly greedy in thought, word, and deed.
  • I saw that Rosalie was frankly bored.
  • Perhaps I ought not to speak to you so frankly about it.
  • They discussed it frankly enough between themselves later on.
  • Helen was frankly delighted with him, but she promptly denied the charge.
  • Her voice shook a little, but her eyes were frankly untroubled.
  • Her smile was so frankly infectious that Fyles found himself responding.
  • She offered her hand to Mills very frankly as to an old friend.
  • She was thirty, clever, and frankly beautiful, hence a factor in the Colony.
  • For Val was frankly idle--with her hands.

How To Use Frankly In A Sentence?

  • Trenck had heard the mouse, and told them frankly by what it had been occasioned.
  • She was frankly interested in him in spite of, or perhaps because of, his early misfortunes.
  • The banner covers his shoulder, and he looks out toward the spectator frankly and complacently.
  • Ray, in fact, frankly explained that a colored man had no chance in this country.
  • The barber was frankly amazed at the decision of Madame to cut off her feathery hair.
  • It is not a sublime oratorio, nor yet a frankly comic oratorio, nor entirely a dull oratorio.
  • But I will frankly tell you that it seems to me cowardly to go forward under false colors.
  • So great is my affection, my faire wife, That to save thine Ide frankly give my life.
  • We frankly state that our object in taking her was ransom and we are now ready to enter upon negotiations with you.
  • On her behalf she was prepared to resent such an idea, and to tell him quite frankly what she thought about it.
  • Emily's congratulations were something on the same order, though more frankly expressed.
  • He frankly admits with regret her failures in arts and sciences with a modesty that permits of no reference to his own saving work.
  • Some of them, seemingly no wiser for their myopia of recent times, are frankly skeptical on that point.
  • He loved his brother frankly and freely, and his absurd heart would not permit him to thrust those feelings aside.
  • The play was frankly a melodrama, and turned upon the tracking down of a murderer through a series of strange and exciting adventures.
  • She spoke to him as frankly as though that miserable mortal envelope, emptied of everything but hopeless passion, were indeed the son of a duke.
  • Finally, in complete despair, she folded her little, brown, ringless hands and sat and stared frankly about her.
  • Quite frankly she demanded the Political Economist's appreciation of her appearance.

Definition of Frankly

(manner) In a frank, open or (too) honest manner. | (speech act) In truth, to tell the truth.
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