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  • The Franks have their desires.
  • The Franks gained a great victory.
  • The Franks shall perish in despair and shame.
  • But the Franks had fought long, and were faint and weary.
  • Dr. Franks was sitting by me, holding a basin and a sponge.
  • Properly, Franks or Frenchmen.
  • God forbid that I should turn my Franks into cowards!
  • Your favors by Colonel Franks have come safely to hand.
  • Fair King, give your Franks a little peace.
  • Since writing thus far, Franks has returned from England.
  • Behold the Franks and Pagans hand to hand....
  • An embassy from the Franks was bound to the Sublime Porte.
  • Colonel Franks wishes to proceed with the papers to that body.
  • Here the Franks established themselves and became a powerful people.
  • Immediately the two Franks are set upon by the desert tigers.
  • The Franks had made up their minds to settle, and not to destroy.
  • Besides, Franks says it is a point in medical jurisprudence.
  • Poor Franks is very ill indeed, but he cannot be seen till nine.
  • All winter the world of the Franks was in commotion, preparing for war.
  • He fights well,' said the Franks who watched his blows.
  • The Northmen learned the language of the Franks and adopted their religion.
  • One day the King of the Franks was sitting among his courtiers.
  • The Franks had been now upwards of thirty years established in the East.
  • The Franks occupied the east bank of the Rhine for about two hundred years.
  • This gave Cartmill the use of the fence and two feet of the Franks land.
  • They intended to conquer the land of the Franks next, and then all Europe.
  • Dr. Franks had charged me far less than I even dared to hope.
  • Heavens,' cried the Franks who were standing round, 'how dreadful an omen!
  • Colonel Franks was gone to London before I received your letter.
  • Give the Emperor so much treasure That the Franks will be astounded.

How To Use Franks In A Sentence?

  • It was because of the latter that the government of the Franks desired to obtain it.
  • These franks were obtained and used, by those who could get them, without stint or scruple.
  • The two Franks acted reasonably when they adopted the principles that produced such a woman.
  • Since he came to England, his facilities of getting franks were very great.
  • The Franks were much astonished at the sight of the elephant; for they had never seen one before.
  • The Franks got off their horses and knelt on the ground, and the Archbishop blessed them.
  • He soon learned that Franks was afraid of him, or at least he treated Franks as though he were.
  • Yes, one day he will return to fight the Franks and drive them from the Breton land!
  • Sharply they spur, and all the Franks dash on To deal with trenchant lance their valiant blows.
  • The Merovingian Franks are especially famous, or rather infamous, for their sexual sins.

Definition of Franks

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of frank | plural of frank
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