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  • We will write to Franz at once.
  • They had rounded Franz up and locked him away.
  • You will know Franz one day.
  • Then Franz came in with the fine-powdered stone in a paper.
  • Then Franz ran through one language after another ...
  • Do you love Franz Lippheim?
  • Kaiser Franz Joseph 163.
  • Soon Franz was outside the jurisdiction of Germany.
  • Die letzte Bemerkung machte Franz warm.
  • The Franz Case, 306.
  • Koepke empfing Franz mit der gewohnten Lebhaftigkeit.
  • A content almost blissful shone on Franz Lippheim.
  • And opening her eyes, she saw Franz Lippheim before her.
  • Why did she not stop at Franz and Lotta and Minna?
  • Male der Name Franz Felder.
  • So erreichte Franz Felder sein vierzehntes Lebensjahr.
  • Viel noch sollte Franz Felder in seinem Leben schwimmen.
  • From time to time I thought of Thekla and Franz Weber.
  • SEE Schubert, Franz Peter.
  • It was as if Franz had let down a barrier; pointed out a way.
  • She doesn't love Franz Lippheim and she isn't going to marry him.
  • By Franz Simm Margaret's Downfall.
  • Oppersdorf, Count Franz von, Beethoven's friend and patron.
  • Er und Nagel standen vor dem Sofa, auf dem Franz noch immer schlief.
  • There had been a good deal of the William II in Franz Ferdinand himself.
  • Waehrend unseres Aufenthaltes in Pless starb Kaiser Franz Joseph.
  • Gebauer, Franz Xaver, founder of the "Concerts Spirituels" at Vienna.

How To Use Franz In A Sentence?

  • He had no inclination to know Franz and his mother, and no curiosity about them.
  • She had had nothing on her journey but the milk and part of the bun which Franz had given her.
  • I have promised Franz that you shall not come to her unless across my dead body.
  • And Franz is of course very poor and has a great family of brothers and sisters to help support.
  • For some reason of his own, this Franz Weber has tried to work upon this feeling of hers.
  • She herself wanted you to get married, and had found Franz Lippheim for you, you know.
  • Before the landlady Madame von Marwitz embraced Franz and kissed and blessed him.
  • While Franz was pounding the stone, the old man told Mr. Kleesman about his mine.
  • Soldaten und Herzog Franz machte Schwierigkeiten; so kehrte man wieder nach Braunschweig zurueck.
  • Er stieg die Treppe hinab und schrieb in das ihm vorgelegte Fremdenbuch: Franz Grach.
  • Only Franz Van Vuuren, the youngest son, whom I had met up-country, now lived with his parents.
  • Karen don't love Franz Lippheim, Mr. Jardine; nothing'll make me believe she loves him.
  • For some time now Franz had been looking at her and her voice grew more tender and more soft as she saw that he found no word of protest.
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