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  • Till all the fray was done.
  • Eager for the fray the troopers came.
  • We have had no fray so serious as this promises to be.
  • La Salle watched the fray with divided interest.
  • Father Fray Rodrigo was one day passing through a thicket.
  • His name was Fray Simon de San Agustin.
  • It was founded by father Fray Miguel de Santa Maria.
  • Their superior was father Fray Juan de Santo Tomas.
  • Millais keen to see more of the fray than his companion thought prudent.
  • Wolf of a black man, may we meet elsewhere and fight this fray again.
  • It was, as far as our part of the fray was concerned, a mere skirmish.
  • Ximenes, Fray Francisco, Cardinal Bishop of Toledo, 70.
  • In a terror of defense Kenny returned to the fray with added vim.
  • That fearful fray with Rezu had been a great strain on the Zulu.
  • They strenuously resisted, but father Fray Rodrigo insisted on it.
  • The Lindsays flew like fire about, Till all the fray was done.
  • By Father Fray Luis de Jesus son of the same congregation, and its chronicler.
  • Accordingly, the first lot fell to father Fray Rodrigo de San Miguel.
  • At that time, father Fray Juan de San Joseph was prior of that convent.
  • El Maestro Don Fray Prudencio de Sandoval, Obispo de Pampluna.

How To Use Fray In A Sentence?

  • After his struggle with nameless terrors he yearned for an open fray with armed enemies.
  • The white prince never paused in the fray until his opponent lay conquered at his feet.
  • The dominating impression was that the fray was awesome, horrible beyond power of description.
  • It went on for some years like that, an' fowk came fray far an' near to see it.
  • All were drowned, without any aid; only father Fray Juan was saved by divine Providence.
  • In that did the superb zeal of father Fray Jacinto de San Fulgencio excel wonderfully.
  • The third election of provincial results in the choice of father Fray Gregorio de Santa Catalina.
  • Their founder was a Trinitarian religious of praiseworthy life, one Fray Miguel de Contreras.
  • He dashed into the fray in support of the latter, and changed impending defeat into a brilliant victory.
  • Once in a fray between her irregular troops and the militia, her husband was taken prisoner and brought before his own wife.
  • The aesthetic philosophy was wearing thin; it had already begun to fray and reveal its essential shabbiness.
  • There died most happily father Fray Juan de San Augustin, a son of the province of Castilla.
  • He was succeeded by Don Fray Leandro Arue, a Recollect religious, who died in 1897.
  • Joyce came to the fray with an old broom and a dust-cloth, which latter she thought she had carefully concealed under her sweater.
  • Being neither prim nor prudish, she, on her part, threw herself into the fray with a certain enjoyment and helped him out.
  • The fray at last died out, leaving as its result only the loss of an hour, some broken surcingles, and some bleeding faces.
  • And thy carcase shall be meat unto all fowls of the air, and unto the beasts of the earth, and there shall be none to fray them away.
  • The milk-weed pods fray out their early floss upon September breezes, and the blue petals of the gentian first unfold their fringes.
  • The valorous Bicske men and their ten Velencze companions, were equally ready to join in the fray thus begun.

Definition of Fray

(transitive, intransitive) To (cause to) unravel; used particularly for the edge of something made of cloth, or the end of a rope. | (intransitive, figuratively) To cause exhaustion, wear out (a person's mental strength). | (transitive, archaic) frighten; alarm
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