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  • Wherefore, they which have reason in themselves have freedom to will and nill.
  • There is no freedom to be gained by repudiating the restraints of morality and religion.
  • There is no such social freedom to be enjoyed anywhere as on board an ocean steamer.
  • A contract is only valid when the two contractants had an entire freedom to sign it.
  • It is manifest then that freedom to produce character is only achieved by sacrificing liberty.
  • She could not see the blessedness of the prospect of freedom to a woman abominably yoked.
  • She appeared to take up rather more seriously than she need the joke about her freedom to deceive.
  • The freedom to sneak under manholes was likely a freedom you never intended to exercise.
  • He sows all his wild oats when he is very young, while he has the freedom to roam at will.
  • It was a fine stroke; established at once his freedom to meddle with her affairs.
  • And, without noting it, they conceded greater freedom to her than to other women.
  • For in this house many plans were made, which helped to bring freedom to our land.
  • In short, we have every kind of freedom to an extent which no other nation on earth can equal.
  • A simple blouse turned away to give freedom to the firm white throat completed the costume.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Freedom To | Freedom To Sentence

  • What use is your freedom to you?
  • Why not extend my freedom to two?
  • Wherewith my inborn freedom to defend?
  • This is not passing from freedom to despotism!
  • You can speak with perfect freedom to me.
  • We allow more freedom to the individual soul.
  • I can only stand by and give them freedom to unfold.
  • But mostly the automobile means freedom to us.
  • For freedom to stretch my legs and straighten my neck!
  • This gives the lungs and heart freedom to act.
  • The brute preferred his freedom to serving a master.
  • For the sake of ensuring freedom to one miserable man.
  • Gaiety leads to freedom, and freedom to friendship.
  • All I wanted was momentary freedom to think.
  • To give freedom to posterity, I had forsworn my own.
  • Love has won her the freedom to suffer herself to be chosen by the stranger.
  • But progress will concede neither rights nor freedom to others.
  • The highest freedom is the freedom to say what we believe to be right.
  • If they push that freedom to excess, can you honestly be astonished?
  • His numerous grants of freedom to negroes were another cause for complaint.
  • True freedom is the freedom to do right, and for it good men contend.
  • It will mean to the well-to-do wife freedom to do community service.
  • He would feel more freedom to visit you, if you would call on him oftener.
  • With freedom to choose, one would think the rush would be the other way.
  • Westminster must retain freedom to move, act, strike quickly.
  • One had greater freedom to act, and far more privacy, in so large a city.
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