Freezer In A Sentence

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  • This mixture was put in an ice cream freezer and frozen.
  • Get out and buy a Feckle Freezer right away!
  • Hiram's got it in the freezer for you.
  • Only this year's Feckle Freezer is any good at all!
  • O'Connor's built-in freezer coils were working overtime, he told himself.

How To Use Freezer In A Sentence?

  • Give the freezer a few more turns to thoroughly mix and then remove the dasher.
  • Packed ice and salt around freezer and allowed it to stand several hours before using.
  • A small two-quart freezer will make sufficient for the ordinary family at a very small outlay.
  • Ever take a piece of meat out of the freezer you've got and see how rotten and moldy it is?
  • He was now sitting on an inverted ice cream freezer and all about him on the grass were sandwiches, hundreds of them.
  • Keep turning the freezer about by the handle till the cream is frozen, which it will generally be in two hours.
  • Place the can in the freezer and adjust the turning crank, and give a few turns of the handle to see that everything is working easily.
  • She covered the freezer with the ice and salt and threw a heavy piece of old carpet or burlap over the freezer to exclude the air.
  • The vacuum in the freezer is 0 to 1/2 atmosphere, and the pressure in the liquefier is 3 to 4 atmospheres.
  • Turn the freezer until it begins to become difficult to turn, then remove the dasher, using a wooden spoon to scrape and pack.

Definition of Freezer

An appliance or room used to store food or other perishable items at temperatures below 0° Celsius (32° Fahrenheit). | The section of a refrigerator used to store food or other perishable items at a temperature below 0° Celsius (32° Fahrenheit). | (neuroscience, Parkinson's disease) A Parkinson's disease patient that experiences freezing of gait (FOG) episodes.
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