Freezing In A Sentence

Definition of Freezing

(literally) Suffering or causing frost | (by extension, chiefly hyperbolic) Very cold | present participle of freeze

How To Use Freezing In A Sentence?

  • The filters are covered to prevent the water from freezing in cold weather.
  • It was freezing hard, but one could not have a fire because there was no smoke-hole.
  • The chancellor therefore saw that he must break the ice, which had been freezing up too rapidly.
  • A cold, clammy perspiration, a freezing shiver, came upon him as he approached.
  • This occurred December 2, 1863, with the thermometer hovering close to the freezing point.
  • During the rest of her journey Iola preserved a most freezing reserve towards Bastine.
  • For Truth makes pallid watch above the dead, Freezing our souls.
  • If the snow reaches the earth it will be because the air is below the freezing point all the way down.
  • But as cruel as freezing is, it doesn't compare to the tortures of being melted.
  • Suppose we take a piece of ice which is 10 degrees below the freezing point and insert in it a thermometer.
  • We have some in bearing, but as far as having any difficulty with them or freezing back, we have none.
  • The attitude of the elder brother indicated deep humiliation, that of the younger was freezing in its sternness.
  • In this case both volumes of air may be below the freezing point, but one is very much colder than the other.
  • What if the wind did blow, and the mercury stand at fifteen or twenty degrees below the freezing point?
  • Now take the flask out of the hot water and gradually introduce it into a freezing mixture made of broken ice and salt.
  • In a similar way, the theory furnishes an explanation of the abnormal lowering of the freezing point of electrolytes.
  • When the mixture has been freezing for ten minutes, take off the cover and add 2 cupfuls of chopped figs.
  • When water is under pressure the freezing point is reduced several degrees below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • There was an instant of freezing silence as the eyes of the girl in brown swept Mary from head to foot.
  • A moan she could not repress escaped her usually well guarded lips, and she shivered as if a freezing wind swung her to and fro.
  • There is no freezing limitation here, but a largeness and munificence of mercy boundless as space, free and open as the expanse of the firmament.
  • Allow three parts of the ice to one part of salt for the freezing mixture and four parts of ice to one part salt for the packing mixture.
  • It was still freezing hard, and the narrow streets like sheets of solid ice, so that our horses kept their legs with difficulty.
  • The very hair began to rise on Gray's head, a freezing terror seized hold of him.
  • Dr. McLean always insisted that it was continuous giggling that kept them all from freezing that bitter night.
  • He clapped his teeth on another short rattle, and stood there, shrunk, blighted, like a man in a freezing blast.
  • She started off again; but as she went the fog grew thicker and thicker, and Terry soon became aware that it was freezing hard.
  • But the Captain realized that this would not do, for, in their soaked condition, freezing to death was a matter of but a short time.
  • The snow has been falling lightly, mingled with rain, which, freezing as it fell, has formed a perfect covering of ice upon every object.
  • By putting a bullet or something of that nature into the water that is subjected to pressure one can tell by shaking it when the freezing point is reached.
  • In our last chapter we traced the upward movement in the mercury of the thermometer from 10 degrees below the freezing point up to the boiling point of water.
  • Hilltop rock outcrops on the area provide excellent protection for the cottontail especially from low temperatures and freezing rain or blowing snow.
  • We have now followed the relation of heat to water from a point 10 degrees below freezing up to where it was forced into its original gases, oxygen and hydrogen.
  • When it reaches the freezing point the fluid can no longer rise in the neck of the flask, which is broken by the sudden expansion that takes place at this point.
  • In the experiment of the block of ice that in the beginning is 10 degrees below the freezing point, as shown by the thermometer, the molecules have a definite intensity of motion.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Freezing | Freezing Sentence

  • Seine, freezing of the.
  • Weather conditions, freezing may have caused it.
  • For two weeks the thermometer did not rise above the freezing point.
  • Has he been haunting you, starving you, or freezing you all your life?
  • Death, with one cold breath, withering the leaves and freezing the fountains.

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