Freight In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Freight | Freight Sentence

  • Spurning her freight with indignation!
  • See all this freight stored here?
  • Carry freight and passengers.
  • They come in on the freight yesterday.
  • The locomotive of the through freight whizzed by him.
  • In freight matters the case is just the same.
  • Not all the freight was aboard yet.
  • At last the freight was coming.
  • The freight train was all gone by now.
  • The freight had come to a stop.
  • He had sent the through freight down track 6.
  • We tried it on a freight and got put off.
  • This town was more or less of a freight junction.
  • You did not forget to include freight in the risks?
  • What a night that must have been for the freight crew!
  • The evening freight went roaring by.
  • Too wasteful of freight to move them out very far.
  • Next morning we reentered the freight cars.
  • Railway freight traffic in prosperity and depression.
  • Better pull your freight like he tells you.
  • It should be shipped by freight and read in sections.
  • A freight was drawing out on the track opposite.
  • A short freight had just taken the far siding.
  • Do they ever put any freight on the boiler deck?
  • We build railroads to transport freight and passengers.
  • He will not wrinkle up his nose at another freight train.
  • Only taxes and freight rates from farm to market kept up.
  • The little devil would dent a freight train.
  • Bore hard against her sail whose freight is hope and life.
  • We got put off a freight that time, too.
  • Through freight full of wild beasts coming along.
  • A richer, nobler freight ashore!
  • Then a long line of freight cars obstructed the view.
  • There has been an increase of 25 per cent in freight rates.
  • Then there's incomin' freight to figger.

How To Use Freight In A Sentence?

  • I made my rounds every time the freight came to a halt.
  • The door of the car next to the last box freight was ajar.
  • A brown-skinned woman makes a freight train slip and slide.
  • This time I did not freight it.
  • And the freight it bore was my faith in God.

Definition of Freight

(transitive) To transport (goods). | To load with freight. Also figurative. | Payment for transportation.
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