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How To Use Freighter In A Sentence?

  • Swiftly he dropped the big freighter until it hovered but a few yards above the ground.
  • We had sold all the horses off to the freighter for a few dollars quite a while ago.
  • The old freighter went off into an interminable chuckling over the antique jest.
  • We just heard about it last evening, when the news came in on a freighter from there.
  • The shadow of the freighter presently enveloped the little ship, and the two hung side by side.
  • The bodies of the seamen on the freighter were turned over to scientists for experimentation and research.
  • That talk about being entitled to the freighter because it was owned by his shipping line was so much rubbish.
  • An empty freighter with propellers flailing half out of water pounded through the yellow mist close to them.
  • The small freighter imparted this information in a low voice, with some hesitation and a deprecatory half-smile.
  • The hull of the model freighter measures four feet over all, and the beam at the water-line is 8 inches.
  • In the meanwhile there's an unpleasant probability of the freighter or somebody else finding his way in now we've broken out a trail.
  • It makes a splendid little pleasure yacht or submarine-chaser, but for a torpedo-boat destroyer or a freighter it would not be suitable.
  • This argument does not apply to a slow-steaming freighter going it alone; it is for the matter of troop-ships moving at a fairly good speed.
  • When the men left the freighter to report the tragedy to the proper authorities, their faces were blanched, and their nerves badly shaken.
  • They had started in early and were left-handed in both feet and hangin' onto the bar like a freighter in a recedin' tide.
  • By the time I stowed aboard an off-world freighter at nineteen I must have broken every law on the planet.
  • Whatever the cause, there remained but one thing to do, and that was to keep the freighter on its course as though nothing out of the ordinary was taking place.
  • The freighter and its cargo were as good as sold already, and the money they would bring would be more than enough to buy pardons and freedom for everyone in the crew.
  • My rounds make it quite impossible for me to go myself, and that fool of a freighter would certainly lose or smash the thing before he passed our way on his return journey.
  • Once, on a freighter in mid-Pacific, Harold tried to convince a fellow deckhand that they were on their way back from the Moon.
  • Turning to the charts he jotted down a few hasty calculations, and stepped to the controls where he set a new course for the "iron mike" of the space freighter to follow.
  • He clung to the door-frame as Chet threw the big freighter into a totally unexpected maneuver that rolled them down and away from a silver-bellied ship above.
  • The packet swept past us, giving me a good deal the same glimpse into a different sort of life that a deckhand on a freighter has when he gazes at a liner ablaze with lights and echoing with music.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Freighter | Freighter Sentence

  • The freighter was coming up fast.
  • The freighter threw his leg across the seat.
  • They wandered on a way silently before the freighter spoke.
  • One day one big freighter did not answer signals promptly.
  • Yeah, a dirty, red-bottomed freighter that rammed him.
  • A model freighter is shown in Fig.
  • The transport had either been a common freighter or a cattle ship.

Definition of Freighter

One who loads a ship, or one who charters and loads a ship. | One employed in receiving and forwarding freight. | One for whom freight is transported.
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