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  • The fresher a vegetable is the better.
  • The fresher laid the better.
  • Coyote tracks were seen at some of the fresher scats.
  • But presently fresher fashions supervened.
  • His smile grew fresher and more genuine.
  • Then they came out into fresher air and calmer water.
  • For I know not any place Of a sweeter, fresher grace.
  • The air is fresher here beneath the hatch," he remarked.
  • The breeze came down fresher as they drove out through the Narrows.
  • Gauguin, while still leaning to the classic, desired a fresher impetus.
  • To soar, where clearer suns illume, And fresher breezes play?

How To Use Fresher In A Sentence?

  • He had not yet taken the trouble to get out his fresher coat and breeches and boots.
  • His fresh clear skin was made fresher by the blueness of his eyes and the blackness of his hair.
  • There was a slightly musty smell to the air, but it was fresher than might have been expected.
  • A fresher green came to the stray branches of the trees that crossed our barred windows.
  • Perhaps you could go from the musty, fusty lodgings to some fresher place with this to help you.
  • Garth meanwhile changed to the fresher horse, and started back over their own dimming trail.
  • Val, with all the colour back again in her pale dark face, looked fresher than any of them.
  • He was certain the tiger had taken fresher prey, and would now ignore his former kill.
  • A dozen times he stopped, went back, picked up the fresher trail, and went on again.
  • It looks like a slice of England transplanted here, only everything looks fresher and newer.
  • Across the sea fresher modes were developing in what is now the land of Mille Amours.
  • No fresher or more brightly vigorous imagination has come out of Ireland since J. M. Synge.
  • I believe there will always be plenty for us all, and the more of it we can use the fresher it will be.
  • You will after a few days feel yourself stronger and fresher than when you used to lie an hour or two longer than you needed.
  • Theodora felt that his coming brought a whiff of fresher air into the sultry life of the family circle.
  • After much communing with himself he sought a new and more legitimate field of inspiration and employed fresher material.
  • It is fresher then and makes a more lasting effect than if left until the summing up, and then drawn to the attention of the jury.
  • Never was there a fresher or more spontaneous poetry than the poetry of this early Christian people.
  • It is as fresh to-day as it was a hundred years ago: it is fresher than it was five hundred years ago.
  • Even then we had to run back every few moments for a breath of fresher air, though we were on the windward side of the lake.
  • But in his body was a greater store of strength, and fresher muscles; and he taxed his body to its very limit.
  • The scent was fresher now, so fresh that he could follow it in the air, without putting his nose to the ground.
  • But among all the dried flowers of my memory, there is not one that keeps a fresher perfume or a stronger scent of its life than this one.
  • The reeds were fresher and greener, and the grasses and flowers glittered in the sun, like the radiant ripples on the water.
  • However large these open prairies, the herds of buffalo would in a short time exhaust the supply of grass and then troop on to fresher fields.
  • The troopers had recovered from their confusion, and, with their fresher mounts, were gaining upon us in the most alarming manner.
  • Day by day he was finding himself anew, advancing by leaps and bounds, as it seemed, into a stronger and fresher and simpler manhood.
  • Elliot found him looking better and fresher than he ever remembered him, although the continued pain prevented sleep, except by use of opium.
  • The fun will commence in earnest when the answers come in; and, meanwhile, a breath of fresher air would brace one.

Definition of Fresher

comparative form of fresh: more fresh | (Britain) A first year student at a university. | (India) A fresh graduate looking for his or her first job.

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