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  • The freshest of the fresh!
  • This was the freshest thing in the history of the college.
  • The freshest of them were light, as if made by buggies.
  • You're just about the freshest cargo we've ever had.
  • The freshest of the three was Bailey.
  • It was the freshest and best I had ever eaten.
  • Of course, I had the freshest news.
  • I'm the freshest still.
  • So a drop of acid will eat out the heart of the freshest and loveliest rose.
  • Our horses, and yours in particular, are the freshest of all the animals.

How To Use Freshest In A Sentence?

  • Fancy the freshest landscape, in the foreground a harmonious group of three personages.
  • The curtains at the three windows are of the freshest and purest white muslin, prettily ruffled.
  • I was the freshest bit of verdure, as the poet says, that ever greened the place.
  • They wander where the freshest pastures lie, Through all the nightless day of that unfading sky!
  • Her golden hair hung round her happy face, and her face was like the freshest flower of May.
  • The Elders are already unfolding their leaves, and a Lonicera is in freshest bud.
  • Of this many knights were glad, and made themselves ready to be at these jousts in the freshest manner.
  • Was not he the best fellow who could recommend the hottest omelet and bring the freshest cakes to her hand?
  • Kateri brushed away the freshest of the snowy mass in front of her cross, before she began her prayers.
  • In ordering it of an agent be particular to arrange for the freshest and cleanest, pure horse manure.
  • This was one of the best and freshest of the whole party, and but a slight delay was occasioned by the change.
  • She would cut out the freshest medallions from an old carpet, and make it bloom out anew under her own feet.
  • However, if women are really to succeed they must give to their preparation for a profession the freshest years of life.
  • Their first bed should now and then be weeded with the hand, in dry weather, and the freshest and strongest plants removed first.
  • In a deep ditch we found a tall plant of the freshest and healthiest green, which looked as if it must have grown within the last few weeks.
  • I sent Jemmy with one of the freshest of the horses to see how the country was watered to the east-south-east.
  • The hills about us rose boldly, and were covered with a variety of trees now clothed in their freshest leaves, therefore beautiful to look on.
  • We joined hands in a line, while I touched the biggest and freshest of the animals on the head with my hunting-knife.
  • I saw no one, however, and proceeded directly to the line of graves, placing myself at the foot of the freshest and most newly made.
  • The two or three whose horses were freshest drew ahead, and neared the top: at last they got high enough to see over the crest.
  • Jean and Bettie, in the freshest of gingham aprons, were taking turns watching the things simmering on the stove.
  • Galaxy, too, of Cornish beauty, which means the darkest, brightest eyes and the clearest, freshest complexions.
  • The Hyacinth Club has the reputation of selecting its members from among the freshest and most active spirits in literature, science, and art.
  • The fishers on the island found it so, notwithstanding that they had sought out every one for himself the shadiest, freshest nook that could be found.
  • In approaching the Moose Hills we saw many moose tracks, but they were old, the freshest having been made two days before.
  • In another scene below the first he began a Nativity of Christ, with certain angels and shepherds, wrought with the freshest colouring.
  • There is no novel, dealing with the rough existence of cowboys, so charming in the telling, abounding as it does with the freshest and the truest pathos.
  • And all the way not one rough bur, But the dewiest, freshest grasses, That whisper thanks to every foot that passes!
  • The exceptions are decently shovelled out of sight, only to be referred to in the freshest of unguarded talk that occasionally swamps a Mess-table at midnight.
  • How striking is the fact that the freshest and noblest charities of this nineteenth century are only developments of the manner in which the Redeemer soothed the sorrows and vanquished the evils of the world!

Definition of Freshest

superlative form of fresh: most fresh
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